Wellness Challenge: Treating Yourself

treat yourself
I recently had lunch with a friend who said that while she loves my wellness-focused content, my social media accounts can come across too serious—and more importantly, not authentic to my true, fun self. And while I do feel like my blog content mimics the wellness lover in me, I also want to show that I’m not always eating kale and dry brushing. I’m human after all, and don’t want to portray anything different!

To do so, I want to present an idea that goes along with the Halloween theme of treating yourself (had to). Having a cheat day isn’t something I’m totally into because I instead like the idea of giving into temptation when it’s a conscious decision—vs. stuffing my face during a Netflix binge without realizing it or because it’s my “cheat” day. If it’s a time to celebrate or a moment that feels worth it to me, I absolutely indulge, as I think everyone should and often!

Though I love a lot of non-nutritious food, there’s not much worthy of how they make me feel afterwards. I do, however, have a few go-to treats when I’m in the mood for something sweet—like these all-natural jelly beans/gummy bears from Whole Foods. I grab a handful when I’m wanting sugar or a treat, but eating a few doesn’t leave me in an energy dip or feeling totally bloated. It’s a treat that I LOVE, I don’t feel bad about doing, and I enjoy them quite often actually!

Challenge: Find a treat that’s worth it

Find something yummy that you love and don’t beat yourself up about it. For me, that’s a little something that won’t ruin my whole day, but will still feel special. Maybe for you it’s red wine after dinner, or a piece or two of chocolate before bed. Test out some treats during this Halloween week and then be sure to add that into your routine on the reg—without guilt. Because at the end of the day, life is short, enjoy (and balance) it. I definitely do!

Do you have a special something that you go to for a quick self-treat? Do you find it hard to reward yourself with food without feeling like you’re throwing away all your clean eating? Interested to know!

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