We Tried Moschino’s New Sephora Makeup Collection — & This Is What We Think

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Two years after Moschino and Sephora collaborated on a teddy bear-shaped line of products, the duo is back with another makeup collection — and it’s like unlike anything you’ve seen at the retailer before.

Known for his cheeky takes on pop culture, nostalgia, and maximalism, Moschino designer Jeremy Scott looked to office supplies and the working woman as his inspiration for this line. (If you initially thought it was based on school supplies like we did, you’re not alone.) The highlighters actually function as highlighters, the Wite-Out bottles house nail polish, and the jumbo pencil brushes blend it all to perfection.

After we Instagrammed the hell out of the cute packaging, we had to see if what was inside actually lived up to the hype. So we asked a few boss women at Refinery29 to test out these office-inspired products — and they shared their thoughts, ahead.

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Aimee Simeon, Beauty Writer

I Tried: Liquid Marker in Shift and Pencil Brush Set

My Review: “Purple lipstick is totally out of my dusty mauve wheelhouse, but I wasn’t mad at this one. It’s extremely pigmented, opaque, and has a rich blue undertone. I’m not gonna lie: When I first put this color on, I felt like a Bratz doll. But it grew on me eventually. I can’t say I’d ever rock this to the office, but if I was hitting up a neon or 90’s themed party, why not?”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Liquid Markers Lip Set, $34, available at Sephora

“Brushes molded in gimmicky shapes don’t always tend to be the best quality. But these No. 2 pencils exceeded my expectations. Not only am I a sucker for the packaging, but they’re also really good. I used the foundation brush to apply my liquid formula and got an even, full-coverage finish. I used the smaller version to dust highlighter onto my cheekbones. I’ve never used a No. 2 pencil at work in my life, but these definitely have a permanent spot in my makeup bag now.”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Pencil Brush Set, $58, available at Sephora

Danielle Thornton, Executive Assistant

I Tried: Toy Honey Mask

My Review: “I knew Moschino wasn’t going to give us just any regular old sheet mask and, as expected, I was right. I had a really long workday and not only was this mask needed, but it turned out to be so entertaining. After sticking it to my face — which gripped on easily — I knew I had to FaceTime as many friends and family as I could. That came with lots of laughs and some terrified reactions.

“Overall, I appreciated that the formula didn’t drip like it does with some sheet masks. When I removed the paper, I rubbed the remaining serum in, let it soak in, and still felt hydrated the next morning.”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Toy Honey Mask, $8, available at Sephora

Thatiana Diaz, Beauty Writer

I Tried: Cheek Highlighter In Delete and Eraser Sponges

My Review: “I’m always down to try highlighter — you could say I’m a glow enthusiast. And I loved the concept of these. For one, they look just like office highlighters and the shade names are Control, Alt, and Delete; I was obsessed before I even popped open the cap.

“But when I actually swiped the highlighter over a full face makeup, I didn’t notice much of an effect. I tried it again on a no-makeup makeup day, and still barely noticed a glow. It’s definitely extremely subtle, which would be good for beginners or those who want a less-is-more look. But as a lover of all things shimmery, I could live without it.”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Highlighter Cheek Set, $36, available at Sephora

“While this is made for all-over makeup application, I assumed it was created to fix any makeup blunders and actually loved it more for that purpose. I used it to clean up around my brows and eyes, and it took the extra product right off. I didn’t really like it for blending my foundation, but the sharp edges were ideal for placing my liquid highlighter precisely on my cheekbones.”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Eraser Sponges, $20, available at Sephora

Channing Hargrove, Fashion News Writer

I Tried: Liquid Marker in Escape

Review: “I do not shy away from bold colors or patterns at all. In fact, I run toward them. That’s why I was so excited to try this bright teal; it felt like a shade that would make me feel powerful. The formula itself is incredibly pigmented and I liked the way it felt on my mouth, but I just did not like the color on me. Next time, I’ll have to give another color a try.”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Liquid Markers Lip Set, $34, available at Sephora

Rachel Lubitz, Senior Beauty Writer

I Tried: Marker Eyeliner & Liquid Marker in Power

Review: “I’ve been on the hunt for a liquid liner that doesn’t end up instantly smudging on my eyelid, and after trying this… unfortunately I’m still in search of one. I think the packaging of this liner is clever, since it really does feel like a pen. However, the tip itself was much harder than I’m use to, so you kind of have to scrape it along your upper lashline. After about 10 minutes of wear, I saw that it had smudged onto my eyelid as well — but the packaging is cute enough to stay on my desk.”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Marker Eyeliner, $18, available at Sephora

“I liked this liquid lipstick much better than I had anticipated. The formula itself may seem too thick, but if you remove the excess liquid from the applicator and not glob it on, it’s really quite nice. It dries matte and I think I lucked out with the shade on this one, too; it’s the only one that I’d feel comfortable wearing every day.”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Liquid Markers Lip Set, $34, available at Sephora

Eliza Huber, Fashion Market Writer

I Tried: Liquid Polish

My Review: “This nail polish brought me right back to first period biology — a.k.a. ignoring my professor talking about plant cells and instead painting my nails with chalky Wite-Out. But now, it’s not chalky or sticky at all. It went on smoothly with a light consistency, and I only needed two coats to get an opaque look. Also, a bonus for all us who like to paint our nails in public it doesn’t have that sharp, chemical smell that most nail polishes have — take it from someone who applied it at her desk.”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Liquid Polish, $12, available at Sephora

Samantha Sasso, Beauty Writer

I Tried: Liquid Marker in Enter

“Usually when I put on makeup that really makes me feel good, I want to text my group chat to make spontaneous plans that will unfold in such a fun and unrealistic way that my life will never be the same. And, yes, this lipstick was bright and bold, but it did not make me feel like that. Instead, I wanted to wipe it off and crawl back into bed because something about the undertones made my teeth look blue and my skin reminiscent of a White Walker. The upside: It’s perhaps one of the best matte formulas I’ve ever tried. Seriously, it didn’t want to come off.”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Liquid Markers Lip Set, $34, available at Sephora

Michelle Li, Associate Fashion Market Editor

I Tried: Laptop Palette and Pencil Brush Set

Review: “I love this eyeshadow palette. I’ve been on the hunt for one for awhile, but find myself not liking all of the colors. But in this one, the colors are so bright and pigmented, I could see myself potentially using all of them for different occasions. They’re also inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone and try new colors that I wouldn’t have previously. I also love the teddy bear-shaped brush cleaner at the bottom of the palette, because I’m usually too lazy to clean the brush before doing a new color and it all becomes a muddy mess.”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Laptop Palette, $60, available at Sephora

“I loved the eyeshadow brushes and found them really easy to use and clean. They picked up a lot of the shadow, so it only took a few swipes to get a bright color on my lids.”

Sephora Collection MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Pencil Brush Set, $58, available at Sephora

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