These Are the Jobs To Get If You Want To Make Bank

Today’s job market is so strong that candidates are ghosting their interviews. In fact, as of May, U.S. unemployment hit a low of 3.8 percent with more jobs available than people searching. That means that if you’re thinking about a new career, this economy might mean a chance to chase down professional opportunities you might not have previously considered.

If you’re looking for a career, and salary is your number one concern — you’re in luck. Glassdoor has just released a job report highlighting the 25 highest paying jobs in the U.S. for 2018.

While many of the jobs on the list are repeat offenders, particularly those in medicine and finance, there are eight titles new to this year’s list. Ahead are 10 highlights from the top 25 highest paying picks for 2018.

Becoming a physician, the highest paying job on this year’s report, requires a huge investment of time, money, and effort. The process is complex and starts in high school, where students must do well and get into a good college. From there, a strong score on the MCAT will decide what medical schools are options. After passing boards and getting licensed comes the residency after which candidates can take their final boards and practice independently once they pass.

According to the report, physicians make a median base salary of $195,842 and there are currently 3,038 available positions across the U.S.

Pharmacy managers must hold a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, otherwise known as the Pharm.D. Each of the over one hundred programs available in this country has different requirements, but all must include post-grad completion in physics, biology and chemistry as well as work experiences and internships in different pharmacies and medical spaces.

Pharmacy managers make a median base salary of $146,412 according to Glassdoor, and currently have 2,009 job openings in cities across the country.

Like pharmacy managers, pharmacists must meet several requirements and also hold a Pharm.D. from an accredited school. Required courses include biology, anatomy and chemistry. Before entering pharmacy school, most students will have taken three years of college or already hold a bachelor’s degree.

Reportedly, pharmacists make a median base salary of $127,120 and currently there are 2,534 job openings all around the country.

Tax managers report on taxes for a company or organization and ensure they comply with federal, state, and city tax laws. Those interested must have a background in finance and taxation processes. A bachelor’s degree in a financial field is preferred, and a master’s degree is beneficial though not always necessary. Further, there are several additional certifications and designations that can make applicants more competitive in the market.

Tax managers make a median base salary of $96,175 and currently there are 3,690 tax manager jobs available across the country.

For those wanting to become an enterprise architect, there is a long road ahead. It will require focusing everything in your personal and professional development on working into systems development, design, and architecture. There are a number of Information Technology (IT) architect programs and certificates available, however, that vary in time and cost.

Enterprise architects make a median base salary of $115,944 and currently there are 1,097 job opportunities available around the country.

Corporate Counsel, or In-House Counsel, jobs can be hard to get. But going in-house is an appealing option for many lawyers. For those at the beginning of a law career, focus on finding opportunities that are in line with your future goals and ready your resume for an in-house position. For lawyers already at firms, find out if you are an ideal candidate and, if so, network, research and carefully prepare for your search.

Based on Glassdoor’s report, corporate counsel make a median base salary of $115,580 and currently there are 693 job postings in the U.S.

Software engineering managers will usually need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related technical field. There are, however, some employers who require a Master of Science or an MBA for certain senior positions. Learn the differences between being a software engineer and a manager, and find out which path is right for you.

Software engineering managers make a median base salary of $107,479 and currently there are 1,105 jobs in this field currently available.

Though anyone can become a scrum master regardless of their background, proper training from the right institution is key. Scrum is a management framework used for software development and scrum masters manage the scrum product owners and scrum team by asking questions about accomplishments, impediments, external distractions, and obstacles to progress.

According to the report, scrum masters make a median base salary of $98,239 and currently there are 1,876 jobs available in the U.S. currently.

Solutions architects, also known as system architects, build and integrate computer systems for specific purposes. Those interested in this field will usually need a bachelor’s degree in a field related to IT as well as five-to-ten years of network administration. Some employers may also ask applicants to have a MBA specifically related to information systems.

Solutions architects make a median base salary of $102,160 and currently there are 5,899 job postings across the country.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are registered nurses with additional degrees and advanced training. Because of this additional training, they can work with a specialized patient populations or in a specific field, such as mental health. Those interested in becoming a NP must complete a nurse practitioner degree program, which includes master’s of science in nursing, a doctor of nursing practice program and additional post-master’s certification programs.

Based on the report’s findings, nurse practitioners make a median base salary of $106,962 and currently there are 14,931 nurse practitioner jobs available across the country.

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