The Top 3 Nail-Art Trends For Summer, According To Beyoncé’s Manicurist

With a client roster that includes Lady Gaga, Kesha, Ciara, Beyoncé, and even Jay-Z, celebrity manicurist Miho Okawara has tended to the nail beds of some of the biggest stars in the world. Famous for her innovative trends using beads, wires, chains, and more, it’s safe to say that the L.A.-based pro knows a thing or two about what makes nail art Instagram-worthy.

Pearl manicures, deep French tips, and watermelon-inspired designs are all already on our radar — but according to Okawara, there are countless new original styles on the horizon this year. Ahead, Okawara unveils the biggest nail crazes to look out for this summer.

This story was originally published on Refinery29 UK.

Neon Cow Print

Thanks to celebrities like Kendall Jenner, cow-print nails are huge at the moment, but Okawara has seen a movement away from traditional black and white — now, clients are requesting the print in bold neon hues. Surprisingly, she says, “Brighter colors and bold prints like this look better on shorter nails. But if you find it difficult to do nail art on shorter nails, just opt for a simple color block using one color on one side of the nail and a different shade on the other side.”

3D Resin Nails

“3D nails are getting bigger and better,” says Okawara — and her latest creations are proof. She has recently created ‘resin’ or ‘brooch’ nails by sticking pictures onto the nail and applying layer after layer of clear gel on top. The finished result looks as though the image is framed, or embedded in resin or enamel.

Geode Nails With A Twist

Similar to resin nails, Okawara applies a colorful sticker to the nail and coats it in a veneer of gel, so that the end result resembles gemstone or crystal. She says that this is a much better option than using nail glue to stick on real gemstones, which could damage the nail bed — plus, the stones are likely to fall off after a few days of wear.

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