The Real Story Behind Jonah Hill’s New Hot-Pink Hair

Let’s take a quick detour down memory lane for a second, and think about all the impressive hair transformations we’ve seen from celebrities this year. Zendaya went red and bobbed for the Met Gala, Ariana Grande maintained an icy-blonde look for months longer than anticipated, and even Kim Kardashian tested out a smoky blue to match her latest Yeezy ensemble. But we never expected to find Jonah Hill topping off the list of major celeb makeovers — and yet there he is, with hot-pink hair.

Omg you guys !

A post shared by Jonah Hill (@jonahhill) on Jun 15, 2018 at 3:36pm PDT

As you can likely tell just from Hill’s Instagram history, the actor is more earnest than an episode of Queer Eye. But his most recent post — a photo of him with bubblegum-pink hair reaffirmed by the caption, “Omg you guys!” seems out of the ordinary for the Maniac actor… or at least it did, until we spoke to his colorist, Matrix celebrity stylist George Papanikolas.

“The pink hair was a look he wanted to try. He specifically wanted pink,” Papanikolas tells us. “The process started by lightening the hair to a pale blonde, then using the semi-permanent Matrix So Color Flamenco Fuchsia and Clear.” So, yes, this major change came as much from the heart as his random loving tributes to dear friends on social media.

A post shared by Jonah Hill (@jonahhill) on Jun 17, 2018 at 4:54pm PDT

Although Hill went to the colorist requesting something “edgy,” this vibrant dye job won’t last forever. Papanikolas tells us that the color will gradually fade back to blonde, so from there he can have the option to try different shades — whatever his heart desires. Sounds like we’ll be seeing even more trendy color experimentation from the star in the near future. Consider our push notifications for Hill’s Instagram feed officially activated.

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