The Major Way Ivanka & Jared’s Body Language Has Changed Over The Years

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are a couple that has been documented in public thousands of times — and although Jared doesn’t have social media, Ivanka takes enough Instagrams for the two of them.

When you look at photos of them together over time, you’ll notice subtle differences in their body language. In the past, we reported that they like to hold hands — a lot. Body language expert Patti Wood, author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, noticed that in many of the photos where they are holding hands, Ivanka is the one leading, suggesting that she has the upper hand in the relationship.

But, it wasn’t always that way. Ahead, Wood broke down for us how the couple’s body language has changed over these past few eventful years.

April 2014

“Here, he has his hand around her like he could be holding a beer or any other object. If you took her out, you wouldn’t have much indication that there’s a person there. He’s not making a lot of effort here to show he loves her and cares for her,” says Wood.

June 2014

“If you look at what’s striking about all of these ‘early’ photos is how he’s facing flat-out toward the camera and she’s an ‘attachment.’ She’s doing all the work of intimacy to make it look like they’re a couple.”

May 2015

“Here he’s looking toward the camera, he’s smiling, and she’s got the vulnerable parts of her body open to him. There are parts of our body called ‘body-language windows’ — the feet, the knees, the front of the pelvis, the heart, the throat, the mouth, the eyes, the palms of the hand. All of those things, she’s giving to him. She’s opening herself, saying, ‘I’m vulnerable, I’m giving you the vulnerable parts of my body.’ It’s a clear, conscious choice. She’s not doing it subconsciously; she’s putting her energy into that.”

May 2015

“Again, his ‘windows’ are toward the camera. Your windows go toward what’s most important to you. She has her hand on his shoulder to show ownership. But again, she’s the attachment and she’s the one making the effort.”

September 2015

“Over time, they go to the same pose, something that stars do to create an iconic image.”

January 2017

Here, we see things change, says Wood. Their body language puts them on a more equal plane. “She’s still slightly angled toward him, but not as much. He’s more ‘V-ed’ toward her — they’re more in a love ‘V’ position here, which shows more equality. His shoulder is tilted down to her, which gives her a little bit more power.

“Look at their backs in the mirror, too. There’s mutual touch. He’s sexualizing her with the touch on her rear. But her arm doesn’t look like a partner’s arm on the back; it looks the way you put your arm on the shoulder of someone you don’t know well to indicate intimacy. It’s a touch we would give to a stranger. She’s not relaxed. She’s formalizing and he’s sexualizing here.”

January 2018

“Look at his hands. They are both down, the phone hand and the hand close to her; she is still doing all the ‘aren’t we intimate’ work for the photo. However, this is the first photo out of the recent ones where she’s not putting all of her ‘windows’ toward him. She’s still angled toward him, but she’s facing more outward.”

April 2018

“There is odd battle body language here on his part, in his slight fists and tense smile. There is less ‘intimacy’ work on her part here,” Wood says. Over the years, we’ve come to see Ivanka emerge as the leader in the relationship — at least based on the photos — perhaps due to her extremely public-facing role in the White House.

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