The Haircut Trend London Girls Are Obsessing Over For 2019

There’s no mistaking the enduring popularity of the bob, which first blew up as the preferred hairstyle of flappers in the 1920s and has since held up its status as a very modern trend, complete with well over 850,000 hits on Instagram for #bobhaircut (and a whopping 4.8 million for simply #bob, though that also pulls up a fair amount of images of men named Bob).

The nature of the bob is that it is versatile, and comes in many iterations. But for spring 2019, which is closer than we realize, pros are pinpointing one style in particular as the cut to end all cuts: the chin-length bob. Melissa Timperley, the director and stylist at her own Melissa Salons in Manchester, says she’s seen a major increase in clients requesting the look. Timperley describes it as a classic bob cut right to lip level, with bangs cut above the eyebrows growing slightly longer at the temples and blended into the length.

Sam Burnett, founder and creative director of London’s Hare & Bone, is also calling it: “The blunt, jaw-length bob is going to be the biggest haircut for 2019,” he says. “We are seeing a growing trend towards women going much shorter, adding fringes, and playing with more layers for an effortless boyish look.”

But when nailing the perfect chin-length bob, there are rules, Timperley explains. “You have to take the corner off or it just becomes a normal bob, which can be a bit harsh,” she says. “It’s a strong statement, and it shows that the person wearing it is confident and that their idea of femininity is not necessarily expressed by having long hair.”

Timperley points to model and Instagram “It” girl Taylor LaShae as the perfect example of the look — but the best part? A chin-length bob can be worked into any hair texture, and although it looks particularly excellent with full-on French-girl baby bangs, you don’t need to commit to that to get the vibes right. Ahead, all the Instagram inspiration you need to go full bob for 2019…

Where else to begin but with Taylor LaShae’s wavy bob and messy fringe? Teamed with blurred red lips, it’s the ultimate style to emulate in 2019.

Parted to one side, this gorgeous curly bob takes on an elegant, Old Hollywood-inspired twist.

Proof that this hairstyle works just as well without bangs. Add in some soft, subtle strandlights for a bit of warmth, and you’re good to go.

Slight waves juxtapose the poker-straight fringe — but it works. To achieve the look without heat tools, twirl towel-dried hair around your fingers and then leave the sections to air dry.

Razor-cut ends give this jaw-length bob some extra dimension. Wrap large front sections of hair around a large-barrel curling iron, like ghd’s Curve Soft Curl Tong, and rake out with your fingers.

Air-dried waves and plenty of natural volume makes this style look accidentally perfect.

If you’re going for a clean center part, make sure your ends are as blunt as possible to keep the look fresh.

Tousled ends are an easy way to soften the look.

The longer, blended fringe makes this bob look elegant and ethereal.

Who said hair that’s all one length had to be boring? Simply throw some shadowy tones into the mix for extra shape without the use of curling wands or straighteners.

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