The Best Buys Under $5 From Target’s New Home Essentials Brand

In the dark ages, “store brand” products were a thing we bought because they were cheap. The packaging was as close the name brand as legally possible, and we just kind of hoped the quality was the same. “Generic” was the derogatory term we used for such things. Now, when we look at Target’s newest home and beauty brand, Smartly , we’re kind of thinking the opposite. Why would you buy products that are available at every other store, when instead you could get these sleekly designed Target exclusives?

Okay, so we are talking about a line of things like garbage bags and paper plates here, but the simple packaging seems to call to us, saying, “This is the exact and only product you need for the thing you’re trying to do.” In some cases, it even does say that, like the zipper bags labeled, “Stay Fresh.” Clearly, Smartly is aiming to be the Apple of home essentials in that respect.

Unlike Apple, however, Smartly items are way cheaper than other competitive brands. According to the company’s press release, they’re about 70% less than those products. You can go out and do the comparison shopping to check their math, but in the meantime, we’ve picked out the best home items you can grab for $5 or less.

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Whether you’re prepping for that party or you are an actual clean person, you will recognize that this is a ridiculously good price for an all-purpose cleaner, especially one that works and “Smells Like A Citrus Grove.” It also comes in “Meadow” and “Ocean.”

Smartly Meadow Scented All-Purpose Cleaner – 32 fl oz™, $1.59, available at Target

C’mon, Target. This is prettier than any packaging of trash bags need to be. Now you’re making us want to throw things away.

Smartly Kitchen Trash Bags – 13 Gallon – 10ct, $1.19, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target.

Lather up with this fresh soap to give your hands a nice little rain shower shine.

Smartly Rain Shower Scented Liquid Hand Soap – 10oz™, $0.99, available at Target

Even if you’re very good about earth-friendly reusable dishware most of the time, who even has enough of that for a real party? Pick up packs of plastic cups, paper plates, and plastic cutlery, all cleverly labeled “No Dishes Tonight” and start sending out those invitations.

Smartly Clear Disposable Cup – 16 fl oz – 50ct , $3.19, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target.

You probably don’t normally think of how expensive laundry detergent can get until you’re caught at the laundromat without it and have to buy that stuff from the nearest store for so much you might as well have the whole load dry-cleaned. Plan ahead and bring some of this “Fresh Scent”-ed detergent at such a good price.

Smartly Fresh Scented Laundry Detergent – 100 fl oz, $4.49, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target.

Strong AND soft bath tissue for under $1? We’ll take a lifetime supply.

Smartly Septic Safe Toilet Paper – 4 Big Rolls™, $0.99, available at Target

In an ideal world, perhaps your personal chef will pack your lunch in a Pinterest-worthy bento box. Today, you need a quick and neat way to pack that hardboiled egg. This minimalist box of sandwich bags, which invites you to “Do Lunch,” makes that a downright pleasurable proposition. The paper lunch bags are adorable options as well.

Smartly Fold Top Sandwich Bags – 150ct™, $1.19, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target.

When you have to wash dishes, you want the experience to be as unfussy and pleasant as possible. But also, what if you could pretend you were washing pots and pans after enjoying a meal at your beach home? “Smells Like Ocean” is one step closer to living the dream.

Smartly Lavender Scented Liquid Dish Soap – 10oz™, $0.8, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target.

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