The Best Black One-Piece Swimsuits to Buy This Season

Finding a black one-piece swimsuit seems like it should be easy, right? In seasons past, that meant digging through the sale section at Target, or hoping you could find one at your local mall that wasn’t too high-necked, too ruched, or too, well, geriatric—but not anymore.

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Now that one-pieces are the swimsuit silhouette du jour, finding the style that’s right for you is tough for different reasons: There’s too many damn choices—you can find hundreds of them on department store websites and in mass retailers alone, and that’s not to mention how many of them come in, you guessed it, black. And it’s no wonder: Not only is an ebony-hued swimsuit flattering (though, to hell with looking slim, we say) but it’ll double as a tank-top when it’s truly hot as hell out.

Ahead, we found 19 black one-pieces that’ll make you look chic AF, and that’s all that *really* matters if you ask us.

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