Sarah Jessica Parker Doesn’t Want to ‘Disregard Men’ During Push For More Female Storytellers

Sarah Jessica Parker Doesn't Want to 'Disregard Men' During Push For More Female Storytellers

Sarah Jessica Parker looked so chic at Chanel‘s Tribeca Film Festival women’s filmmaker luncheon!

The 53-year-old actress stepped out at the event on Friday afternoon (April 20) at Odeon in New York City.

She was also joined by Zosia Mamet at the event, which invites all women involved in movies at the film fest.

During the afternoon, Sarah opened up about the importance of not disregarding men in the midst of the push for more women-centric movies.

“I don’t want to disregard men — there are really critical, important men in our industry as there are across all industries. We’ve always functioned as a majority female production company. We’re excited about female stories and storytellers, directors, producers, writers, sound mixers, production designers, editors,” Jessica told People.

She added, “But I think the place we want to get is to where all stories are important and being told, and men are included in those stories. Men play a role in our lives so if we isolate too much, we’re gonna be missing out on interesting and complex stories. I think it’s just finding ways of moving a pipeline towards job opportunities for women of all backgrounds and colors.”