The Ghost Of Pumpkin Spice & Other Trendy Food Costumes To DIY This Year

With October just a week away, the Halloween countdown is about to commence — and this year, we’re going the DIY route. Because not only do self-assembled costumes save you from throwing down $60 at a cheesy pop-up Halloween store, they also look way cooler than anything that comes wrapped in plastic could ever hope to. So go ahead and tell your friend who already started planning some intricate group idea that you’re doing your own thing this time. (Come on, ‘Khaleesi and her dragons’ is so last year, anyway.)


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A Week In New Hampshire On A Joint $98,000 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we’re tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We’re asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last dollar.

Want even more Money Diaries, plus $$$ advice from a kick-ass, all-female team of financial advisors, and tips on how to save more than $500? Pick up our new book: Money

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We’re Buying All Of Our Halloween Costumes At Zara From Now On

Zara has easily become a one-stop shop for most shopping scenarios in our life. Few other places deliver the same caliber of options when you need something quick and cheap that doesn’t often look quick or cheap. Since we already buy everything else at Zara, why not Halloween costumes?

Instead of wasting your precious pre-holiday prep time trying on too many polyester and tulle get-ups, take a second to scroll through Zara’s new arrivals. With enough imagination

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How Difficult Is It To Get An Abortion? Here Are The Laws For Every State.

“The most pro-life president in American history.” That is how Vice President Mike Pence described President Donald Trump in January before the March for Life — an annual anti-abortion rally that started in 1974. Trump became the first sitting president to appear at the march, committing to his promise “to build a society where life is celebrated, protected, and cherished” — in other words, to make America a place where a woman’s right to choose no longer exists.

Although critics will argue Trump’s pivot to

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