LUXURY SHOPPING TRENDS 2015: Fancy Wearable Tech in Search of a Special Purpose



Male warriors and leaders of old, possibly even back to the pharaohs of Egypt, wore – and often were buried in – beefy, blinged-out bangles known as Armills. These bracelets symbolized prowess in battle, military leadership and elevated social status.

The velvet-lined, enameled armill at right was made for the coronation of Charles II in 1661, and used at every subsequent coronation until 1953. Interestingly, the Royal Collection

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Our Environment, Our Biology, Ourselves, Our Fashion Choices

Futuristic future of fashion


Technology is changing life so dramatically and at such a headspinning rate, it can be challenging to find the time to breathe – let alone figure out the implications for “the future.” Nonetheless, that’s the role of the well-trained designer according to the 80s design theorist Victor Papanek, who predicted that “given the way technology’s transformative effects were accelerating so quickly, simply making sense of all the change was what a designer’s job eventually would become.”


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From Easy Rider Outlaw Chic to Bronx Hip-Hop Fresh Fashion

Easy rider american flag jacket peter fonda


The new documentary Fresh Dressed celebrates the roots of hip-hop culture’s early street style, when money seemed to matter less than your ability to dress with creative panache. “Being fresh was more important than having money,” reminisces the always-dapper Kanye West. “When I grew up, I wanted money so I could be fresh.” 

(photograph by Ricky Powell via source)

Which, in the epicenter of 70s and 80s fresh, NYC, also had a borough-specific component.

Wearing Clarks, Cazal glasses without lenses

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