These Are The Real Sources Of Many Of The Election’s Tweets

Twitter has played a more central role in this election than in any other before it. It’s been a place where both Donald Trump — who takes particular pride in his tweeting skills — and Hillary Clinton have spoken as candidly about issues in 140 characters as they have at the podium. It’s served as a place for accusations and fact-checking, and resulted in one of the most oft repeated and retweeted statements of the election:

“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” —Hillary

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This Mom Sends Adorably Wholesome Responses To Her Daughter’s Random Texts

If you haven’t spoken to your mom in a while, this mother-daughter duo will inspire you to pick up the phone.

Every day, Delaney Keefe sends strange text messages to her mother, ranging from random memes to photos of trees. And every day, her mother responds with something adorably kind and wholesome.

Keefe tweeted a few screenshots of her conversations with her mother on Monday, telling her followers that “every single day I send my mom a very strange text and every day she responds with something absurdly optimistic and kind.”


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47 Fall Nail Art Ideas We Can’t Wait to Try

Racing Stripe

Racing Stripe

A sleek stripe of black successfully breaks up an otherwise standard red-orange mani.

Image: Pinterest via Taofeminino    

Negative Space

Negative space and black and white are clearly a great combo (trio?).

Image: Pinterest via Ecstasy Models  

Negative Stripe

Similarly, a simple swipe of black/white nail polish is also super effective.

Image: Pinterest via Wheretoget

Eye See You

Sorta spooky, yes. Appropriate for more than just Halloween? Yes.

Image: Pinterest via The Zoe Report 

Simple Sparkle


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This Chanel Blush Palette Does Way More Than You Think

As a part of its spring 2017 collection, Chanel will be releasing a makeup palette that looks a bit, well, mathematical. Called the Coco Code Blush Harmony, the product will be multi-use. Think: The makeup version of a Swiss Army Knife. According to the brand, the compact will primarily function as blush, but it moonlights as both highlighter and bronzer. The palette is arranged in a tidy two-by-two array, like a Punnett square. And the shades? Satin-y peach, caramel-toned beige, vibrant pink-meets-red, and honey gold.

The collection will hit

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