The Cold, Bloody (Kind Of Disgusting) Truth About Vampire Facials

I’ve done a lot of weird shit in the name of beauty, but having the plasma from my own blood injected into my face with a needle might take the cake. When I told my mother I would be doing it, she had just one question for me: “Why?” At the time, I didn’t understand her concern. After all, she knew that part of my job is to test-drive the strangest, most masochistic ways to pursue beauty. And a vampire facial certainly seems to fit the bill.

The vampire facial, also known as the platelet-rich

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Take A First Look At The Rad New Emoji Coming To Your iPhone

Planning for Sunday brunch is about to get so much better. At long last, Apple is releasing brand-new and completely redesigned emoji, including avocado (avocado toast!), bacon, and croissant — as well as tons of careers for women (because we can be rock stars, too).

We first heard about these emoji back in June, when they were approved by the Unicode Consortium. Among the new professions are astronauts, mechanics, and doctors, and there’s also the long-awaited

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