For This Vogue Writer, Nothing Will Ever Replace the Thrill of Department Store Shopping During the Holidays



“What’s that big star up in the sky?” I heard a small voice say at the massive anti-Trump demo two weeks ago, and there it was, high above the police-clogged corner of 57th and Fifth—the giant UNICEF snowflake that tells New Yorkers—and visitors—it’s shopping time!

Because sure, it’s fun to sit in front of a computer screen, sloshed at 3:00 a.m., and order stuff you won’t

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Tyler Baltierra Devastated Over Dad Butch’s Arrest One Year After Jail Release


Tyler Baltierra‘s father returned to prison one year after completing his sentence for breaking and entering, home invasion, and larceny — and the devastating news completely blindsided his son.

In a Teen Mom OG sneak peek, Catelynn Lowell video chatted with her father-in-law DarlButchBaltierra to check in on him.

“Did you text your parole officer today?” she asked, as he responded, “I’m gonna call her right now on my phone. I forgot to call her yesterday.”

The next day, Tyler received

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Why Miranda Is The Best Sex & The City Character — Not Carrie

I recently came upon a mystery photo of myself. I have ZERO recollection of the night, the place, the outfit (yikes), but based on one tiny detail — my cocktail — I can say with some confidence the approximate year the photo was taken and with whom I was hanging.

The cocktail is a cosmopolitan, which means I was deep in my Sex and the City phase, saying the word “fabulous” a lot, wearing high heels I couldn’t walk in, and rolling deep with my college friends Sara, Caitlin, and Jenny. The four of us fancied ourselves as the twentysomething

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17 Long-Sleeve Shirts That Will Make Your Outfit Better

It may seem obvious that we swap out our short-sleeved tops for their long-sleeved cousins come fall, but what’s not as obvious is what version of the latter we should actually be investing in. The dream is to find ones that are comfortable, cool, and work with everything else we already have in our closets. And, lucky for us, that dream can now easily become a reality.

Enter: the graphic long-sleeved tee, a.k.a the shirt that’s trend-forward, comfortable, and pairs with basically every single item you own. (Yep, even if it

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8 Years Of Obama Pardoning Turkeys Prove He’s Truly America’s Dad

The White House Turkey Pardon is surely one of the President’s oddest duties. And while it ranks somewhere below Commander-in-Chief in importance, it’s one that Obama has appeared to relish over these past eight years. And it turns out, the turkey pardon is way more complicated than you’d think. Every year, two turkeys are selected from different farms around the country and presented to the president on behalf of the National Turkey Federation.

While Obama’s presidency will be remembered for many precedent-shattering actions

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