12 Unapologetic Reasons Why I Hate Shopping Online

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What I’m about to air is an unpopular opinion, especially in this day and age. But before you judge me, hear me out: I hate shopping online. I know. I know. Several of my colleagues turn a blind eye when I mention the mere thought of it, seeing as half of our office considers Amazon Prime a necessity rather than a luxury. But I just can’t.

After one too many glitches and failed experiences, I’ve realized virtual retail therapy truly isn’t for me. And in the slideshow ahead, I’ll take you through every reason why

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6 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Their First Thanksgiving Dinner

Photographed by Steven Meisel, Vogue, June 2003

Everyone is coming over next week, including Mom and Dad, siblings, Grandma and Grandpa, a few close friends, that lonely coworker, and maybe that one strange cousin. It’s time to get down to business. Planning and executing a Thanksgiving feast—and fete—takes some serious energy and a lot of strategizing, especially when you’re a first-time host whose prior cooking experience has gone only so far as a Blue Apron box. Before you bust out the Ina Garten cookbook

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A Brexit Survivor’s Guide To Getting Through The Holidays

Nicola Prentis is an award-winning educational materials author and freelance writer based in Spain, for as long as Brexit allows. The views expressed are her own.

Rachel* normally looks forward to going home for Thanksgiving.

But this year, the 32-year-old marketing consultant from New York feels conflicted. The reason? Her mom and family all voted for Donald Trump. She didn’t.

“My family tends to be the polite sort, and politics hardly ever come up,” she said. “They know that I’m a liberal; I know that they’re all conservative

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David Beckham Is The Ultimate Ballerina Dad

David Beckham constantly reminds us of his commitment to his family. He’s there to support his children in all of their endeavors, including photography for 17-year-old Brooklyn and singing for 11-year-old Cruz. And now, he’s encouraging 5-year-old Harper in ballet.

We’ve all heard of a soccer mom, and, according to The Sun, Beckham has become a ballet dad. Sources tell the British publication that the former professional soccer star takes his daughter to her classes at the English National Ballet each week.

“She goes every

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