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Ensemble: Texture Rich in Winter

Get the creative juices flowing in Winter by pulling together outfits that incorporate a wide assortment of textures. There’s tweed, velvet, faux fur, mesh, suede, leather, beading, embroidery, metallics, silk, hosiery, saddle-stitching, patent, pom-poms, mesh, woolly yarns, stitch interest, cashmere, lace, plaids, tortoiseshell, hardware, studs and jewellery. 

Think of any way to combine a variety of textures into an outfit to create the maximal “kitchen sink effect.” Choose any colour palette. You’ll probably do some pattern

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Link Love: Updating Your Workout Capsule

We’ve been chatting about workout wear and fitness capsules on the YLF forum, with lots of great suggestions for exercise wear that does the trick. Here are some more suggestions:

Fab Links from Our Members

Sneakers you can use as a free transit pass. “This gives new meaning to the term ‘commuting shoes’,” says Fashintern.

SarahD8 thought that The Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed is “a fascinating (and, honestly, pretty off-putting) look at a new breed of internet stores

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Jackets Versus Cardigans


Jackets and cardigans are often competing topper candidates for a dress, jumpsuit, or top and bottom combination. You might prefer jackets to cardigans, or wear both. Here are the advantages of each. 


  • Look sharp and professional
  • Denote authority and an element of strictness
  • Dresses up an outfit
  • Provides outfit interest
  • Broadens a narrow shoulder line
  • Provides outfit structure
  • Easy to fit on a straighter body
  • Camouflages muffin top


  • Comfortable and soft
  • Casual
  • Easier to fit than a jacket, because the knit moulds to the shape of the body
  • Easy for travel
  • Softens a broad shoulder line
  • Works well over a larger bust
  • Works well indoors
  • Suited to working and staying at home
  • Camouflages muffin top

Whether you prefer jackets to cardigans can depend on your lifestyle, body type, or simply your sartorial preferences. All my clients wear cardigans because of the pros mentioned here. Some prefer jackets, but there is room for cardigans in their lifestyle, especially over the weekend and when they travel.

I own exactly one cardigan that

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Weekly Roundup: Dresses & Tops

Over the last few weeks I’ve shopped with clients for dresses and dressier tops for January and February events. These were some of the winners, with fab and affordable stuff at Macy’s. Be sure to browse the colour and pattern options, as well as petite and plus sizes. 

<a href="

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Never Say Never in Fashion and Style

Number 19 of my top 25 style tips goes like this: “Never say never in fashion and style because you’ll be surprised at how your feelings about a look, colour or item can change over time.” 

Never say never to a vibe, colour, fabric, or silhouette, because you might have to eat your words later. Rather say, no thank you for now, but maybe later. Over time your feelings about a look can change because the factors that affect our

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The Role of Black in Your Wardrobe and Style

Black is the darkest neutral. The absence of colour. It is an extremely popular neutral for good reason. But black is not the only dark neutral. Shades of dark blue, brown and grey can be equally effective. 

Black wardrobe items can look extremely dressy, dramatic, edgy, slimming, chic, elegant, classic, urban, appropriate, avant-garde and powerful. Black wardrobe pieces can complement a complexion, and bookend an outfit if you have black or salt & pepper hair. Black items can be versatile and practical, and bring out colours, like shades

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