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Looking So Bright Ahead

spring office attire

The Michael Kors SS18 collection featured minimally styled ensembles in bright, crisp white.  His versatile pieces are ideal for both work and play especially this lust-worthy white blazer.  A matching belt over your jacket gives it a cool yet sophisticated look.

Grab these 5 white-chic workwear essentials ~ on a budget ~ for your spring & summer wardrobe.

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Denim Shirts to Style Up Your Spring Work Fashion

denim work shirts

Alex from Solid Manufacturing Co. via West Elm blog

versatile chambray shirt is great for dressing up or down.  Pair it with a stretch pencil skirt or comfortable slacks to create more sophisticated work outfits.  See more choices here as well as this one under $30.

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#DOTD Polished Layer on a Budget

business casual attire

Blazer Coat (DOTD!) | TopTrousersLoafers (sale!) | Briefcase (sale!) | WatchSpring Scent

The budget buy of the day is Dorothy Perkins’ versatile checked blazer which is a smart alternative to this similar luxe designer blazer.  It will instantly add a polished appeal to your work attire.  Team the stylish blazer with the rest of the work-chic items above.

Be sure to check out the latest winter sale at Nordstromsave up to 40%!!

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Classic Nautical-Chic Flats

stylish work flats

Brooks Brothers’ nautical-chic flats offer the perfect balance of comfort and fashion.  Its simple style is versatile while the navy/gold color combination gives a luxe appeal.  Go from work to the pier in these elegant shoes.  Sizes are limited so get them before they disappear!  Check out these super cute floral stud earrings in the same color palette.

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Making Math Assessments More Useful For Teachers

educational apps

Mathematics is often a challenging subject for elementary school educators to instruct, particularly if they do not have sufficient experience teaching it. Many are missing important language that helps to make their lessons richer for students, and this can be detrimental to retention.

Moreover, many students come into the classroom already intimidated by math, and if they aren’t provided with simple instructions, or context for solving a problem, it becomes that much more difficult for them to comprehend. While conducting tests and quizzes

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Sexy, Sultry, Sophisticated

best valentines day perfume

I remember wearing YSL Opium when I was in high school.  And I crave it all of a sudden after all these years.  This fragrance has been around for over 40 years.  To me, it’s still the most exotic & potently seductive scent ever (men seem to love it).  I don’t like heavy perfumes but this is the only exception.  Some say Opium is not for young people but I beg to differ.  I fell madly in love at first whiff when I was 18.  It’s ageless.  Also, I find the

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