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One Thing You Need for Upcoming Party Events

vintage style outfit

Instead of glitter & sequins, go for a cool-vintage style during this festive season and for upcoming special events.  The look is classic yet eclectic, where you can wear those hand-me-down jewels or antique accessories that you haven’t had the chance to enjoy them.  Kate Moss is a pro at mixing-and-matching different styles including vintage and high street fashion.  I’m particularly attracted to her velvety robe above which gives this understated, laid-back glam to her overall party ensemble

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Would You Still Work if You Won the Lottery?

would you work won lottery

It’s an interesting question: if you won the jackpot in the Powerball lottery, would you still go back to your day job here in Canada, or would you pack up and move somewhere warm like the Caribbean? With jackpots routinely in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Powerball can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, but it certainly begs the question whether money is the sole reason people work, or whether work offers some other ancillary benefit besides money.

This post will look at a couple of the recent Powerball winners, one who chose

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Beyond Office Cubicles & High Heels

female aircraft mechanic

Sun Park at Aloha Air Cargo in Kauai

The workplace goes beyond office cubicles, and workwear encompasses far more than a mere pencil skirt and heels.  There is an ever increasing number of females who are now jumping into male-dominated industries.  Sun Park is the perfect example of this – she’s an aircraft mechanic.  As you can see, Sun fits quite well in her element.  She is super cool!

Outdoor jobs require certain work attire for an optimal and safe performance.  Here are a few to consider.  Each item is available

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Build Your Profile While You Pursue an MBA

part time mba

One challenge many students who pursue grad school face, is a break in the building of their profile as a professional. To land a job after graduation, students must continue to be active in their fields, and continue making connections; this can be difficult when studying full-time, or if studying in a city that’s far from where an industry’s primary activities occur. The key to choosing the right school for one’s Masters, is to ensure it can meet one’s professional needs not only upon its completion, but also while a student is

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Last-Minute (sale) Gift Ideas

personalized necklace

Simple & charming.  This Xmas, give your loved ones these gold letter necklaces.  I got the letter W (my last name).  The necklace yours for only $17.70 ($29.50) at J.Crew.  I also picked up this metallic bracelet setfuzzy slippers (more colors here) and washable snood (3 colors, $19.50 – 59% off!). Be sure to take advantage of their latest holiday deals40% off full-price styles + free shipping!


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Business-Casual Outfit Ideas (& More Workwear Essentials)

career style for women

left (blazer), center (shirt), right (coat)

Business-casual styles seem to be the most practical yet popular workwear choice.  More professionals prefer a polished look that is also practical and comfortable.  Check out these work wardrobe favorites from office-ready cardigans (10 colors) and walkable pumps (these must-haves are now on sale!!) to boss-style pants.

If you still have holiday shopping to do, browse here for more fantastic gift ideas!

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