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6 Tips for Childproofing Your Yard

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You’ve just had a baby. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to you. With it, however, you also have a greater amount of responsibility.

Over the past few months, you have been furiously childproofing your home in preparation for the new family member. But you can’t just stop inside your home. Eventually, that baby is going to grow up and want to explore. Your yard also requires some intensive safety precautions. Here are six tips for childproofing your yard.

Mind the Lawn Mower

If you have a yard with grass, it’s

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Tips For Baby Proofing Your Home


Before your baby starts crawling, it is important to begin the process of baby proofing your home, helping to keep them as safe as possible. The average baby will start to crawl when they are 8 months old, but some babies will crawl earlier, so you should consider beginning the baby proofing process by the time your baby is six months old.

Buy a Stairgate

One of the main things that you will need to baby proof your home is a stair gate: this will stop your baby from crawling up the stairs and then falling back down again!

If your

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3 Tips for Fighting the Flu Season



What am I doing today? Well, I woke up at 6am to a child puking everywhere so you can imagine how my day has been. A stomach bug has hit our house hard, despite my extreme nagging and obsessive use of hand sanitizer. This Mombie needs a coffee and an extra set of hands to deal with this. We barely just got over the flu and now this?!

With cold weather comes the annual influenza season. While colds and flu can strike anytime, the winter is the peak season. There are a number of reasons

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Best Design Styles for 2018

dining chair

It goes without saying that interior design and decor can be overwhelming! There are simply so many different kinds of aesthetics and styles, and each category has several variations and subcategories that just serve to complicate the issue even more. If you’re looking for a guide on the top 5 design styles that we predict will dominate in 2018, you came to the right place. Some of these styles draw inspiration from the decor

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Baltic Wonder Teething Necklaces Actually Work


When our babies and toddlers are teething, we all want the same thing: a way to make it stop! It’s awful when your baby is drooling and red-faced, totally worn out from battling a tooth that is slowly (oh so slowly) and painfully make its way through the gums.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried everything to help ease the pain your teething tot feels: tablets, powders, liquids, the whole shebang! Luckily for you, I’ve just discovered what might be the best teething remedy yet: Baltic Wonder amber teething necklaces.


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Can You Actually Save Money With Coupons?


In today’s economic climate, it has become vital to save money where ever and however we can.  Financial experts are always advising us to save, but not really providing workable solutions for people that are just about making it month end to month end.  The expert advice usually consists of how much we should have saved by now, but not telling us how to get there.

When most people think of saving money, they focus their efforts on cutting back and skimping on essentials.  However, there is a way to save and still

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