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How To Get Your Rental Deposit Back

We will be moving at the end of April to our new rental home. I want to get a refund of my security deposit when I move out. I plan to clean my current rental unit well to make sure I get the security deposit back from my land lord when I leave. I also created a list to help me not forget each area to clean. I made my list into a FREE printable to share with you. In the state of Illinois, a lessee should receive their security deposit returned no later than 45 days of vacating the property.

When renting your home, you often pay a large security

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Another New Beginning


We are moving AGAIN! A lot of changes have been happening in the last couple of years for my family. Hopefully soon we  will find stability. A stable home, a stable schedule, and fit into life again. Our scheduled moving day is 4/30/17.

I sometimes feel like life is happening all around me and I’m just standing still. It’s a weird feeling. Since loosing my oldest son Kevin, everything is kinda weird. I’m not sure if I will ever be the same again.

But with this new move hopefully I will continue to heal myself and my family

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Holiday Style with prAna

PrAna Kara jean and Stacia Sweater

prAna can be a great place to find perfect holiday fashion pieces. And you will be surprised to know prAna is an awesome clothing and accessory company offering a huge selection of sustainable clothing.

Being a new mom all over again, means I need comfortable clothing, but still want to look put together. I might still throw my hair up in a messy bun but jeans and a soft sweater don’t make me feel or look unprepared for my day. A plus with shopping prAna clothing is that is created with fair trade and sustainable practices in mind.


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Places You Forgot to Vacuum + FREE Printable

dont forget to vacuum

It is so common to vacuum your carpet once a week and put the vacuum away. But what about all the places you forgot to vacuum.

The vacuum cleaner is the best tool to remove dust from your home while sucking up crumbs, trash, and dirt. There are so many places in your home that collect all of this and you can easily remove it using your vacuum cleaner. Most vacuum cleaners, whether upright or canister, have attachments that easily allow you to get in to high or even small places easily so you wont have any excuses to forget to vacuum in these

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2 Strand Twist Hair Tutorial for Toddler Boys


Everyone always asks me how to twist toddler hair.  This prompted me to record a 2 strand twist hair tutorial for toddler boys. Of course I used my toddler, Landon “Stuff Curry” Lee, as my toddler model.

Ethnic hair can be a challenge especially when you have a toddler boy.  Keeping a toddlers hair twisted is an easy  option to keep a toddlers hair groomed for several days at a time. I think the easiest way most parents maintain a toddler boys hair is to cut it. I am holding off from cutting Landon’s hair for now. I

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Daily Schedule of a Toddler

Toddler Sleeping Schedule

I have grown to learn that schedules are necessary, especially for toddlers. Having a daily schedule for your toddler will help your day run so much more smooth.

To be perfectly honest, I have no clue how parents can manage day in and day out without a schedule. Schedules help you know what to expect our of your day. The older I get the more I need to write stuff down, organize and create schedules to not only give me a smooth day but to also keep me on task to get stuff around the house done.

As a stay at home mom, I am forever squeezing

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