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introducing ‘be a dinosaur’

Bear is just getting to the age where he recognizes letters and words in writing, and from the moment I started learning programming, I knew I wanted to build something that would help him develop those skills.  I’m not afraid of screen time for him as a flat rule, but I do like his online […]

to baby bear, at age four

Baby Bear, How has it possibly been four years already since you were born?  I know everyone says this, but they went by in a blink.  I can’t even call you “Baby Bear” anymore – you gave that up years ago!  So I guess this should really be: “To Big Kid Bear, At Age Four.” […]

baby #2!

For those of you who missed this on Instagram last week… big news over here! Baby #2 will be joining our family in September!  I’m extremely excited to add another little munchkin to our family.  Of course, I’m also a little bit nervous about all the ways that life will change in the next year.  […]