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Forget Blooming Marshmallows — Meringue Coffee Is Here

First came red wine hot chocolate and then came blooming marshmallows. And just when we thought holiday drink trends were cooling down, another hot latte started taking over Instagram: a meringue cookie-topped coffee. Behold its structural beauty and bask in its snowy-peaked glory.

A photo posted by Sonia (@hungrynyc) on Nov 7, 2016 at 5:21am PST

According to Mashable, this spectacularly seasonal creation hails from Korea’s Takeout

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Love & Hip Hop: New York Episode 2 Recap: "Get Off The Counter & Let’s Talk Civilized"

Mona Scott-Young wasted no time bringing the drama back like it never left on Love & Hip Hop: New York. How there is so little, but still so much to talk about is beyond me.

The corny award goes to…DJ Drewski.

No one gave Hot 97’s DJ Drewski the memo: If you’re going to be the token white guy on a hip-hop scene, don’t be a walking cliché. And definitely don’t call yourself “White Chocolate.” There is no chocolate here, only white. He may have snagged a gig at one of the country’s premier hip-hop radio stations, but he’s still

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Just Have The Baby

When I became a single mom to my daughter, Lucy, 18 months ago, I expected some raised eyebrows. I expected a few looks of pity when I said her father was out of the picture. But what I didn’t expect was the question, asked by everyone from the barista at my favorite coffee shop to some of my closest friends: Should I do it, too?

By “it,” they mean have a baby, on their own, by choice. While that wasn’t exactly my circumstance — I became accidentally pregnant while traveling abroad, even after I took the

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Fact Check: Did Millions Of People Really Vote Illegally?

Donald Trump’s tweets can’t erase the reality that he lost the popular vote in this month’s election, according to The Associated Press’ vote-counting operation.

The president-elect tweeted Saturday that he’d have won the popular vote “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” He also alleged “serious voter fraud” in California, New Hampshire, and Virginia, and complained that the media aren’t covering it.

Not only did he present no evidence to back up those claims —

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The Internet Is Losing It Over This Woman’s One Painted Nail

I’m embarrassed

— ℛℰℋ♡ (@rileyelaine15) November 25, 2016

Only painting select, strategic nails — and then ignoring the rest — is a common beauty cheat, though few of us would admit to it. (Like only painting your big toenail that’s visible in your peep-toe shoes.) If you can relate, the internet can now confirm you’re far from alone.

Twitter user @rileyelaine15 just publicly owned up to it on social media. As you can see in the post above

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Audrina Patridge Handled Her Wedding Wardrobe Malfunction Like A Pro

Photo: REX/Shutterstock

Planning any event, let alone a wedding, can turn even the coolest of cucumbers into a stress case. All you want is for your special day to go off without a hitch, and when it doesn’t, well…that’s why we have the show Bridezillas. Of course, most people are nowhere near as chill as former Hills star Audrina Patridge, whose wedding wardrobe fail barely blipped on her radar.

Patridge wed her long-term boyfriend Corey Bohan in Hawaii

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