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Apple Just Removed A Feature That’s Existed Since 1984

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Steve Jobs famously conceived of the iMac as a friendly, welcoming computer. The machine’s pleasing lines and fun colors would be a welcome, accessible alternative to the business boxes put out by their competitors. Indeed, Mac has been firmly aligned against gray monotony since their famous 1984 Super Bowl commercial. But recently, the MacBook Pro got just a little less friendly with the removal of its startup sound, Pingie reports.

The sound has changed and evolved over the years, but it’s

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Alton Brown Is Basically Bringing Back Good Eats & We Couldn’t Be More Excited

Alton Brown’s Food Network show Good Eats went beyond simply teaching viewers how to prepare a meal. Brown dug deep into the science behind cooking techniques and explored the unexpected history behind different dishes. Since it went off the air in 2012, fans have been eagerly awaiting a show that would take its place or another Brown project that would live up to this unique program. Recently, Brown announced that we wouldn’t have to wait much longer.

On Saturday, Alton Brown announce via

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Glee Star Will No Longer Be Tried In Alleged Rape Case

Mark Salling no longer faces a charge for alleged rape as of October 31. The judge ruling on the Glee star’s case said that there is “insufficient evidence, at this time, to file this case,” The Huffington Post reports, based on a charge evaluation worksheet the site obtained.

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Emily T. Spear writes: “I personally interviewed the victim. She appeared very emotional over the trauma inflicted upon her and presents as a credible and accurate historian of the events surrounding the rape. However

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What You Need To Know About The Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

For months, people from across the country have been converging in North Dakota to protest a massive oil pipeline project under construction.

And now, even with winter quickly approaching, leaders say the movement to block the Dakota Access Pipeline isn’t going to end anytime soon.

You’ve probably seen some of the headlines from the protest, including recent reports that more than 140 people were arrested in the latest confrontation over activists’ attempts to physically block the path of the project.

Your friends might even be among the

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PSA: Ballet Flats Are Just As Bad As Stilettos

Stilettos get a bad rap for throwing your body out of alignment, but don’t think that just because your shoe is flat that it’s better for you. One of the most walkable, flattest shoes around is just as bad as super-high heels: ballet flats. Unlike heels, which put all the pressure on the balls of your feet, flats add extra pressure to your heel, without any arch support, according to podiatrist Hillary Brenner, DPM. Additionally, “a heel will lead to stress on the outside of the knee,” says Miguel Cunha, DPM, at Gotham

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These Celebrity Kids Had The Best Halloween Costumes

Celebrities often go all out for Halloween. If you need proof of some stars’ commitment to the holiday, check out Katy Perry’s look. Or Heidi Klum’s illustrious history of elaborate getups. But adult celeb costumes alone are nothing compared to the ensembles donned by whole famous families.

This year, Neil Patrick Harris’ famed family costume went old-school. Chrissy Teigen celebrated Luna’s first October 31 with a series of adorable

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