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Jenn Im Presents Two New Year’s Eve Outfits That L.A. Girls Will Vibe With

You haven’t even started shopping for holiday gifts yet, but your New Year’s Eve party invites are already starting to pile up in your Facebook inbox. You might already be ready to party-hop, but is your closet ready, too? YouTube star Jenn Im knows that NYE shindigs run the gamut between chill and no-chill, but, as always, she’s here to arm you with the kind of low-key style advice you trust from an L.A. native.

Here, Im shows you how to dress for two very different sorts of affairs (you know — champagne coupes vs. red cups)

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This All-Star Version Of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Just Made Our Wish Come True

Here’s a fun fact: Babies born the year Mariah Carey first released “All I Want For Christmas Is You” are now old enough to order a round of kamikaze shots.

Some things never change, though. More than 22 years later, Carey is still merrily belting out the festive tune for anyone who asks. This time, it’s James Corden who’s asking.

Though he’s no doubt at risk of getting vehicle-induced bed sores from all that driving around, the Late Late Show host couldn’t resist inviting Carey over for a holiday-themed

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The Lively-Reynolds Family Took A Super-Hollywood Selfie

Little James Reynolds has finally been unmasked. Now we can’t get enough of the curly-haired moppet.

The 2-year-old daughter of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively made her public debut yesterday at her daddy’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. While there, the family found time for a time-honored tradition: the shoe selfie.

Lively shared a photo of her, Reynolds, and James planting their feet (those baby Converse!) on Dad’s very own star. Unfortunately, the new baby missed out, presumably because she can’t walk and wasn’t

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Kate Beckinsale & Michael Sheen Had The Sweetest Reaction To Their Daughter’s Big News

Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen may enjoy teasing and torturing their 17-year-old daughter here and there, but deep down, they’re the proudest parents you’ll ever find.

Lily Sheen ‘s just given them a new reason to celebrate. The teen received her first college acceptance letter, prompting her actor dad to scoop her up in his arms while crying like a baby. For good measure, he also picked up Beckinsale, from whom he split in 2003, making us shed a wee tear or two. That’s #babydaddygoals right there.

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Jay Z’s New Doc Series Is The Night Of Meets Making A Murderer

Kalief Browder is a New York City Black man who was the victim of a stunning miscarriage of justice. Browder spent three years on Rikers Island without getting a trial. His ordeal, which defies belief, was documented in this piece by the New Yorker.

Here are the facts. Browder was arrested in the early hours of May 15, 2010 while walking home from a party. He was accused of stealing a backpack. The victim, in the back of the squad car, changed his story on the spot. Browder was taken to the station. He thought he was going home. Instead, he was

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How Tiffany & Co. Is Bringing A Touch Of Class To Trump Tower

Tiffany Trump briefly became a national hero when she dodged her father’s kiss following a Presidential debate.

Now, iconic jeweler Tiffany & Co. will do the impossible and bring a touch of class to the President-elect’s Manhattan lair. WWD reports that Tiffany has reached a deal with the NYPD to put branded sleeves on the barricades that separate the Fifth Avenue block their flagship store shares with Trump Tower.

The businesses around the tower, especially luxury brands, have been hard hit by the blockades necessitated by Trump’s

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