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Guess Who The That’s So Raven Reboot Is Bringing Back?

We may not have actually seen the future on this one, but we had a hunch about the latest cast addition to the That’s So Raven reboot. The spinoff series will of course star Raven-Symoné as the titular spunky psychic. She’ll be playing a divorced mom of two — a brainy daughter named Nia who inherited her mom’s special abilities, and her mischievous little brother Booker. Now we know that Raven’s soulmate will be returning too.

We’re talking about Chelsea Daniels, of course. Chelsea, played by Anneliese Louise van

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Is This Household Item The New Mason Jar?

Our love obsession with Mason jars has persevered through all manner of food-related infatuations: dalliances with 7-Eleven, a flirtation with colorblocked cutting boards, and even a brief-but-messy weddings-induced breakup this summer. The food industry — and the Pinterest crowd, for that matter — is wedded and bedded to the multipurpose containers, and it’s beginning to seem like they’ll never go out of style.

Until. A café in Australia called Darling Cafe serves its smoothies in lightbulbs. HelloGiggles

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How To Dress For Those Fancy Holiday Parties While You’re Pregnant

The holiday season is upon us, which means an influx of seasonal celebrations are about to come your way. And though some go-to color palettes include all-black, blavy, or a sharp oxblood, we think there’s no better time to bust out the ultra-loud, über-festive sequined getup than that Christmas to New Years Eve lull. Molly Sims got a jumpstart on the trend, but added a fresh take for anyone who may be expecting.

At the Baby2Baby gala honoring pal Jennifer Garner, the model-turned-actress donned a long-sleeve

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We All Want To Be "Good Girls" — Until We Really, Really Don’t

Before I was old enough to go to school, I used to spend the day at home with my mom, doing all manner of little kid things. Sometimes, those things involved getting into trouble, like convincing my sister to come outside so I could spray her with the hose on a cold November day. When I was bad, my punishment was to sit on the stiff living room couch and wait for my father to come home, so I could tell him what I had done.

The script was always the same. My dad, tall and handsome in his suit and tie, would enter the room, very serious. Then he

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People Are Dyeing Their Hair With Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee — But Is It Safe?

So you want to dye your hair darker for fall? We can get behind that idea. But first, coffee — or so say self-made stylists on the internet. Because according to DIYers and this step-by-step guide from Spoon University, the caffeine-infused must-have also makes for a pretty effective hair color.

In addition to how it tints the hair a deeper shade of brown, self-made coffee-ground dye comes with some pretty promising benefits. The guide points out that coffee is free from chemicals found in typical hair dye, and also cites research

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Twitter Wants To Be Kim Kardashian’s Surrogate For Baby No. 3

Kim Kardashian opened up about possibly having another child using a surrogate, and now Twitter is offering its services.

On Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim revealed that her doctor said it “wouldn’t be safe” to have another baby after the difficulties she faced during her first two pregnancies. He even went as far to call it a life-or-death situation.

Kardashian then decided to speak with a fertility specialist, who told her it would be a “high-risk pregnancy” if she did decide

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