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Hilary Duff Just Brought Back Her Lizzie McGuire Haircut — & We’re In Love

It can be pretty damn difficult to figure out which summer hairstyle is really best for you. Should you just be practical and chop it all off into a bob? Should you embrace the weather and let whatever texture you naturally have shine regardless of humidity or blazing 90 degree heat?

Hilary Duff can definitely relate to this sense of indecision. In late-May she was all about long, loose waves with bright blonde highlights and heavy, ’70s-inspired

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Billie’s New Campaign Features Models With Pubic Hair — & It’s About Time

Every summer, it’s hard to miss the messages beamed from subway ads and sponsored Instagram posts suggesting we should each make like a car and magically swap in our body for something entirely different.

What does this so-called “beach body” entail, exactly? A new shape, for one. A smaller size, for another. Oh, and hair? Not unless it’s growing out of your scalp — especially if you plan on wearing a bikini!

We call bullshit — and shaving brand Billie

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Tiffany Cabán Declares Victory In Queens District Attorney Primary Race

Tiffany Cabán declared victory in New York City’s primary election for Queens district attorney on Tuesday, edging out establishment candidate Queens Borough President Melinda Katz in an incredibly close race by just a few hundred votes, according to unofficial results from the city Board of Elections. With about 3,400 uncounted paper ballots left that can’t be tallied until July 3, Katz isn’t ready to give up, telling supporters, “We are doing a recount.”

If Cabán officially wins the primary, it all but guarantees

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I Got A Lash Perm – & Now I Can Officially Break Up With Mascara

We’re getting up close and personal with all things beauty, in a visually satisfying — albeit slightly uncomfortable — way. Watch as needles pierce earlobes, ink swipes skin, and eyelashes adhere to eyelashes in these hypnotizingly detailed videos, all while the science behind the magic gets unveiled. Have you ever wondered whether or not waterproof mascara really works? Or been intrigued with tattooing your eyebrows? We’ll show you this process like you have never seen it before!

The easier our mornings can get, the happier we

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My All-American Style Story: See How This Creative Wears H&M’s 4th Of July Collection

Despite the bandeau’s prevalence amongst off-duty celebrities and the tiny-sunglass-ed blogger set, it wasn’t either group that inspired beauty and lifestyle creator Leah Allyannah to make bra tops a style signature — it was actually a photo of her mother from the ’90s, taken shortly after she’d arrived in America from Guyana.

“My mom and I have similar styles, like how I dress now is how she used to dress when she was younger,” says the 21-year-old native New Yorker. “When I look at pictures, she’s

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Meet The Young Activists Who Are Calling For A Climate-Change Debate

More than 150 young people rallied outside the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Tuesday with a single demand: Hold a presidential primary debate focused solely on the issue of climate change.

The protest, organized by the youth-led organization Sunrise Movement, comes as polls find that a large number of voters point to climate change as a top-priority issue in the 2020

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