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The Products I Use To Revive My Heat-Damaged Curls

It’s been nearly two months since I made the decision to cut my hair and reclaim my curls. After years of weekly blowouts, my hair was looking limp thanks to heat damage, so I wanted to start living my life with my hair health top of mind. And while I thought that chopping off over 10 inches of my hair would be the toughest part of my transition, the hard work was actually in creating an entirely new regimen for my hair.

When I was straightening my hair, I was committed to frizz-fighting

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The Perfect Tattoos For People Who Hate Tattoos

Small and delicate tattoos are all the rage right now, and they’re especially perfect for anyone looking to get some ink without getting too much attention. Their hidden placement — often behind the ear, on the finger, or the back of the arm — can lend an edgy sense of mystery to them, even more so when they’re done in white.

White tattoos are practically invisible, which is why it may come as a surprise to learn that a ton of It girls, like Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and Shay Mitchell, have them.

Ahead, we’ve rounded

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The Sharp Kitchen Essentials That Will Actually Help Keep You Organized

No matter how disorganized our bedrooms, bathrooms, or living rooms get, we’re still going to sleep, shower, and watch Netflix in them. But clutter of the kitchen variety has the power to make us kiss cooking goodbye altogether. Tidy and well-stocked kitchens make for a welcoming space — but when silverware drawers, spice racks, and cabinets get out of hand, our desire to make a homemade meal goes in the garbage (that should have been be taken out yesterday).

Starting from square one with a deep kitchen clean or restructuring seems daunting

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Can You Not: The 10 Common Things That Seriously Irritate Your Boss

For most employees, getting along with your boss is ideal, if not necessary, for career growth.

In what can sometimes feel like a tightrope walk, manager-employee relationships are some of the most crucial workplace dynamics, with the potential to make or break an employee’s success. And yet, there are many things that employees can do to unknowingly piss their bosses off.

Of course, manager-employee dynamics are certainly a two way street. After all, a good, supportive manager has the potential to bring out the best in an employee, whereas

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