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20 Smoking Hot Red Swimsuits To Shop For 4th Of July Weekend

Now that summer has officially arrived, it’s time to get serious about swimsuit shopping. And any worthwhile swimwear collection should include a red swimsuit. Besides the fact that they gives off major Baywatch vibes, red swimsuits stand out from the crowd (in a good way), they’re indisputably sexy, and let’s be honest: the color looks really good with a tan.

With July 4th right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to pull out a fiery red

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23 Reasons You Should Stan Ariana Grande’s Ever-Evolving Ponytail

Back in 2016, Ariana Grande told us that her signature ponytail is something she’s worn since middle school. “The ponytail has always been a part of my life,” she explained. “But I do like to mix it up now and again.” But if you’ve been following her career over the past eight years or so, you’d know that her M.O. on the look hasn’t really changed much at all.

Grande’s ponytail is a huge, very noticeable part of her public persona — and it just might be the smartest branding move we’ve seen from a hairstyle. So

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Ariana Grande Just Added More Tattoos To Her Growing Collection

When the world first met Ariana Grande, she was playing Cat Valentine on Victorious. And while nine years ago, Grande was recognized for her breathy voice or fiery red hair on the Nickelodeon show, now she’s known for her record-breaking music — and her massive tattoo collection.

Grande’s tattoos didn’t infiltrate mainstream conversation until she started dating — and quickly broke up with — Saturday Night Live comedian

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The Festive Nail Art Design We’re Seeing Everywhere This Summer

In the scope of nail art, it’s hard to find the sweet spot between classic French tips and over-the-top glitter. The first feels generic and overplayed, while the latter is flashy enough to stop oncoming traffic with a simple flick of the wrist. But this time of year, we need something in the middle — a fresh take on the festive Fourth of July manicure that stops just short of obviously red, white, and blue.

Luckily, starry nails are both seasonally appropriate and wildly chic (according to the feeds of just about every cool-girl

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The Sexiest Ideas For Mind-Blowing Foreplay

Illustrated By Paola Delucca.

Foreplay often doesn’t get enough credit — not to mention time or attention. In one study of heterosexual couples published in the Journal of Sexual Research, both women and men reported that their ideal duration of foreplay was 20 minutes. Most participants, however, reported spending an average of only about half that much time on foreplay. This neglected step in your sexual escapades can be the key to an even

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Bed Bath & Beyond’s Exclusive Brands Are Surprisingly Stylish And Unsurprisingly Affordable

Bed Bath & Beyond supported all of our big home-away-from-home milestones, stocking the basics from shower caddies in shared dorm rooms to mattress protectors in first apartments. But for those of us who’ve outgrown bed risers and monogrammed laundry totes, the massive retailer still holds a plethora of forever-home essentials, too — with the most notable and surprising finds tucked inside its lineup of exclusive brands.

If you’ve yet to see or shop any of BB&B’s private labels, then we’ve got the rundown on all

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