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Why We Needed to Press Pause for our Family

If you’ve been following my family on my blog or through my social media feeds for years, you know we’re busy. Actually, busy might be putting it lightly. We’re always on the go, always here/there and everywhere and just well… non-stop. With 5 kids – there’s really no other option… busy is where it’s at!

In all honesty – I strive on being busy, there’s something within my DNA that craves to be busy. I always joke with my husband that I don’t have the capacity to just sit and

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Why It’s Important to Teach our Daughters AND Sons about why Time’s Up

Sunday night I sat with my 5 kids watching the red carpet at the Golden Globes. As someone who has always loved film and television, fashion and style and (I’ll admit it) red carpets, I wanted to make sure I tuned into this one. I knew that this year’s Golden Globes was going to be different from the ones of the past. And if you watched it, you could see that it obviously was different… different in a good way, a change had brewed.

Usually the red carpet is all about the fashion with, “Who are you wearing?” the question

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What’s Your 2018 WORD?

What’s your 2018 WORD?

Really stop and think for a second.

What do you want this year to embody for you?

Every year I come up with a WORD that will signify my attitude for the next 365 days. It’s a WORD I usually think long and hard on. A word that – every time I look at it – will center me back to the importance and focus of the year for me. Last year my word was HUSTLE. Fitting, right? Permission to Hustle was created last year and we literally had a full year of HUSTLE. So HUSTLE just seemed appropriate for me and all

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365 Days of McClelland Family Videos #Day1of365

We are putting a lofty goal out there for our family!

365 Days of McClelland Family videos!

The good thing is, Day 1 is UP! And it’s LIVE!

We just need to keep up with them! My kids LOVE YouTube and I’m on the YouTube Kids Parents Panel, so for me… YouTube is a personal and professional thing, too. I have used YouTube for YEARS and I have always enjoyed and loved creating video content for my channel. Since my kids watch it so much, I thought it would be fun to continuously create content on our channel.

Why not, right?

I just went

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2017, You Were Quite the YEAR


We’re hours away from saying good-bye!

Hours away from opening up a new beginning with new chapters and pages and a perfect blank slate…

Exactly 365 days ago, if you had told me we would be living in a new town I would have called you crazy. Crazy with a capital “C!” It was always a dream, but just something that I thought would eventually happen. I have always believed that everything happens in life for a reason. Certain people come into your life for a reason. Certain experiences happen for a reason. Certain

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For all my fellow Rhode Islanders!!

Are you ready to enter a winter wonderland at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center?

Well… I’ve got the perfect holiday show for you!

Disney On Ice presents Frozen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enter a fantastical winter wonderland beyond all imagination at Disney On Ice presents Frozen!  The heartwarming, Academy Award®-winning tale you love is now LIVE and skating into your town. You’ll be magically whisked away into the wintery world of Arendelle, where you will be dazzled by amazing special effects and astonishing

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