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Mashpi Lodge

mashpi lodge

What do you get when you cross someone with really really good taste and someone with a really really good heart? You get Roque Sevilla, the wondrous mind behind Mashpi Lodge. This passionate environmentalist (and former Mayor of Quito) decided in 2001 to buy a large swath of tropical cloud forest. There, he wanted to create a private reserve focusing on conservation and sustainable (yet luxurious) ecotourism. Sevilla built the lodge on the grounds of a defunct sawmill

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Quito Visual Diary

Walking around Quito is like flying over the Ecuadorian timeline, a way of understanding Latin America’s complex past and evolving present. There is evidence of human presence tracing back to 8000 B.C. and somehow it really is palpable despite layers and layers of later civilizations piled up on top.

In the historic core of the city, the Centro Historico, ancestral herbal medicine recipes are passed on from generation to generation alongside the art of restoring religious icons, millinery and milling. For the past decade, Quito has

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Print Shop Now Open!

Good news guys, I am finally done ignoring my to-do list, which means I finally tackled the print shop section of my portfolio site, and so far I’m feeling pretty good about it. I am almost 75% sure I did it right so you should be able to go get yourselves some pretties for your walls, but if you try and find out it doesn’t work, do ping me an email and I will help you.

I figured I’d put prints up in series and so I started with my latest one, titled “Into the Desert”. There are 6 pieces in total, all in limited

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Casa Gangotena, Quito

What do you get when you place a mansion straight out of the fanciful mind of the Great Gatsby in a city located on the slope of an active volcano, some 9,350 ft above sea level in the middle of the Andes? Casa Gangotena, a 31-room eclectically decorated boutique hotel in the heart of Quito’s Old Town. The hotel is in a very interesting location in Quito indeed… Not only is it at the core of the historic centre – which is one of the least altered

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