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Fresh off the Runway: Summer 2019 Trends

side view of woman wearing purple pastel dress ( a summer 2019 trend), and a light pink handbag

This year, summer 2019 trends are going to be bigger and better than ever. 2019 runways showcased an abundance of looks that include 80’s inspired collections, plenty of pastels and seasonal oddities that could be here to stay. Here are some of the hottest summer trends you’ll want to add to your Summer 2019 wardrobe come season.



Summer 2019 is marked by an obsession with lavender, lilac and other pastel colors. Stick with the lavender pallets to stay on trend. Try new shades of bubblegum pink and sherbet lime, perfect for the hot sunny

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Fashion Exhibitions 2019: Fashion Lovers Summer Guide

Fashion Exhibitions 2019: “Camp: Notes on Fashion”
Camp: Notes on Fashion Exhibition
Source: Photo via @metmuseum

We’ve rounded up the best fashion exhibitions for the summer of 2019 from around the world. These stunning celebrations of fashion are sure to delight and inspire fashion, art, and design lovers from across the globe. So be sure to add them to your calendar now!


“Camp: Notes on Fashion”

This exhibition is curated by Andrew Bolton around Susan Sontag’s 1954 essay “Notes on Camp”. The essay, and in turn the Costume Institute’s exhibition

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Love Happens at Hotel 50 Bowery

Recently Love Happens had the great pleasure of being a guest at Joie de Vivre’s first New York hotel, Hotel 50 Bowery. Inspired by its Chinatown’s location, the hotel is enriched with rich layers of history and Asian heritage. The 21-story building in the historic landmark location, 50 Bowery, features 229-rooms, a luxury rooftop bar, and its own permanent exhibit from the Museum of Chinese America.  

Joie de Vivre Hotels, a Two Roads Hospitality brand, strive to mirror authentically local and electric experiences. They design to reflect

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Resort 2020 Fashion Shows: LH Top Picks

If you don’t know what the purpose of a resort show is, it’s for brands to keep their relevance and content up to date in between winter/fall and spring/summer launches. Top designers reveal their cruise and resort collections all the way from Italy (Gucci), New York (Louis Vuitton and Johanna Ortiz), to Paris (Chanel) , and more! Now you may be thinking, why would they need to maintain relevance? Believe it or not, the world can be a pretty tough crowd.

Extravagance is no stranger to these icons. So, you can guess the shows turned out to

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The Coat Route: Luxury & Obsession on the Trail of a $50,000 Coat

book cover of the coat route by meg lukens noonan


The Coat Route: Luxury & Obsession on the Trail of a $50,000 Coat

The Coat Route, by Meg Lukens Noonan, is a novel that traces the story behind a $50,000 bespoke coat and, in the process, unwittingly, weaves together a piece of art in its own right. As Meg set out to tell the story of bespoke tailor John Cutler’s and commissioner, Keith Lambert’s creation, she also managed to overturn an enchanting subculture of high-end fashion in the process.

The Coat Route takes readers into a world full of colorful personalities, impeccable style, and traditions struggling to stand the test of time. Behind a

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A Glamorous Bachelorette Pad by Design Intervention

When a professional single woman wanted a home that served as an escape from the hectic outside world, Singapore-based interiors firm Design Intervention designed the perfect Bachelorette Pad retreat in the heart of Singapore. DI partners Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage are masters at bringing personality to life by using visual language to express their clients’ passions and aspirations. Thus, in true Design Intervention fashion, they crafted this pad to their client’s exact passions and aesthetic. Combining poised glamour, and feminine

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