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What the beauty is…

“I’m just a someone in an old museum. Far away from home as someone can go. And the beauty is I still meet people I know.” The Beauty Is – The Light in the Piazza This post is extremely overdue. But Italy has such a big part of my heart that I still remember tons of details of our trip there this past October. My sister has more photos on her blog, so if you want more gorgeous scenery, hop over there. Here you’ll just find some of my favorite places and memories and stories. And lots of “here’s a picture of me on some ruins to prove I WAS REALLY THERE!” The Colosseum was both awe inspiring, and slightly sickening to think of what really went on there.  The view of Palatine Hill from the Roman Forum. This is happiness on a plate.  This is my “Oh my goodness, I’m in Italy and squealing!” face This was one of my favorite places – Roman Holiday, anyone? The Vatican! Exploring Palatine Hill Inside the Colosseum The fountain outside the Spanish Steps, which, unfortunately, were closed for construction. Guess that’s just an excuse to go back, right? The Mouth Of Truth I love my family!  One of the many piazzas in Rome at night! Ok, people. Let’s talk about Venice. Venice is the most charming place on earth. Seriously, there is cute everywhere. The doors are cute, the windows are cute, the canals are cute, the streets are cute, the flowers in flower boxes are cute, the laundry hanging out of the second story window is cute, the boats are cute. You get the picture. It’s hopelessly romantic. I fell in love with Venice after 20 minutes max. I think it’s where I belong.  Seriously, could this picture get any more perfect?! My sister is a genius.  When you walk for miles and get lost, sometimes you need a break by an old well to kick off your shoes and study the map. I was kind of in charge of the map in Venice and I can proudly say that we only got lost about 40 times.  The cafes were charming. Kathryn and I got up early to do a photo shoot one morning. Because… Venice. Yeah.  When two Italian guys row underneath you and say “Bellisima!” you know that the movies aren’t entirely inaccurate.  Piazza San Marco!! I was very loath to leave Venice… it was so beautiful, and we could have explored streets endlessly, but Tuscany called, so we went.  And it was wonderful! Rome was bustling, sight seeing, loud, and exciting. Venice was charming, a wanderers paradise, and heart thrilling. Tuscany was majestic, sweeping, and relaxing. All so different and so perfect.  The grapes had already been harvested for the year.  Medieval towns that looked like something out of a picture book. Our hosts in our villa gave us a cooking lesson! It was amazing. Yes, we have the recipes… They also had horses on the property – we didn’t get to ride them, but visiting them was delightful! And this patch of heaven was just down the road. Olive groves are my new favorite thing. And olive groves at sunset make for the prettiest light ever.  In the RH corner of this picture you can see our villa. Imagine waking up to this view! It was glorious!  Hope you enjoyed that peek into my vacation. If ever you get a chance to go to Italy, TAKE IT.  “This is wanting something, this is reaching for it, this is wishing that a moment would arrive. This is taking chances, this is almost touching what the beauty is.”

In my life…

“…there are so many questions and answers that somehow seem wrong. In my life, there are times when I catch in the silence the sigh of a faraway song. And it sings of a world that I long to see, out of reach, just a whisper away waiting for me…” “In My Life” – Les Miserables This year has been a whirlwind. I think it’s safe to say it’s been the hardest year of my life – so many new experiences, new challenges, getting to understand myself more, and realizing my weaknesses. But it’s also been filled with the best memories of my life. So in this post I’ll try to catch you up on the highlights of 2015 in the life of Tara. • In February, my dream of being in a musical came true. My college put on a production of Fiddler on the Roof, and I was cast as Hodel! Funny back story is that when I first saw the film Fiddler on the Roof, Hodel became my “dream role.” As I grew up, she went quite a bit lower on my list of dream roles, but it was kind of fun to get to fulfill a dream I had at 7 or 8 years old! These 4 cuties were my pals, and we had so much fun doing “The Daughters” in “Tradition” together! •Since I was about 14, we’ve had multiple weddings of friends every year, and this year proved to be much the same, except that it really hit my tighter group of friends! Witnessing some of my closest friends get married has been a very special part of 2015 for me. Laura got married!! Happy happy happy day! It’s amazingly fun to be best friends with not only the bride, but the entire bridal party! This picture makes me smile so big – so blessed to have “brothers” in my life! Jaclyn got married!! Another happy happy happy day!! • October saw our whole family in Italy for a vacation. Yes. Italy. It was incredible! We went to Rome, Venice and Florence. I’ll do a full post devoted to that alone, because it needs much more than one paragraph in a “catch up” post, but here are a few phone photos to tide you over until the real ones come out! Venice was my favorite…. it stole a piece of my heart. • Kids. When I went to college, I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time with kids anymore, so over the summer, I got to eat my heart out each week with Amber’s kids! Needless to say, we’re best buds now. • You all know how much I love musicals and NYC. I had the great joy of seeing 3 shows on Broadway this year. The first one was Aladdin, when my mom and I went to NYC this summer, which I already wrote about. The other two were Wicked and Finding Neverland, which I went to with my friend, Grace. We two had been scheming to go to NYC together, and then out of the blue her mom suggested they go there on a family vacation….. and take me along!! Autumn in New York is amazingly beautiful. And the shows blew me away yet again! Wicked was starring Kara Lindsay as Glinda, which was totally awesome as I listen to her all the time on the Newsies soundtrack. Honestly, we thought our cast was better than the cast recording. *hides from tomatoes being thrown at me* And Finding Neverland still had many of the original cast (including Matthew Morrison…….) which made it even more magical than it already was! We felt like we were on wings all weekend! • This year our dance group took off like a rocket ship! We’ve enjoyed dancing for about 12 years now, but didn’t have consistent opportunities to do it. In 2012, we put hosted our first formal dance, the Titanic Ball, the following year we hosted the Masquerade Ball, and that started our yearly trend of a formal ball. But it still wasn’t enough for two girls who love to dance. So this year we began “The Netherfield Dance Society” which hosts informal balls every month at our home. 3 families began to consistently come to each dance, and that formed our “core dance group.” Needless to say, it was a highlight of my year dancing together! • And that branches into…. The Fantastic Five. Oh my. Where to begin with these people?! It all started with a FB message from me spontaneously inviting them over for a game night at our place one night this spring. They couldn’t make it, but all five of us ended up FB chatting for a couple ours, and that started “The Chat.” It’s a series of FB chat group messages between the five of us, that are strictly private, because they are filled with inside jokes that no one would understand. Since then we’ve had multiple get togethers between the five of us, began videoing a comedy sketch, and built a hilarious friendship together. Not to mention crazy photoshoots…. • Singing and making music is always a highlight of every year. I had the wonderful opportunity to be coached by Sierra Boggess and Laura Osnes this year, as well as have lessons with 5 different teachers. It has been wonderful to get so many perspectives on my voice. I’ve also participated in a few competitions, which was a really neat experience, as I never did that growing up. I’ve learned some amazing opera pieces, as well as fun music theater ones as well! I’ve also been blessed to be able to play piano at multiple weddings this year! After I completed my freshman year at college, I calculated learning 150 new pieces of music in 8 months… I just had to post this one again… because, Laura Osnes.  We didn’t realize we’d be at the same competition together until we showed up! It made the day so much more enjoyable to be able to do it with a friend! Final performance of the Choir Tour to FL! It’s been an amazing year in my life. If I had to summarize when I learned, I would have to say trusting God was the main thing that got drilled over and over and over into my head. There were so many things that happened which I didn’t understand, and some which I still don’t. But that’s ok, because God is in control – He can see the big picture, even when I can’t. And I can leave it in His hands, because He is good. 2016, here I come!

Accessorizing Colonial

After making my new block print jacket, I turned to some more block printed muslin Amber had given me. There wasn’t enough to get another jacket, so I did a little piecing to get a large enough piece for a neckerchief. I love how much something so small can brighten up a whole outfit! And I totally love block printed muslin. It’s so beautiful! It’s

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18th Century || Block-printed Muslin Jacket

When Amber comes over and says, “I brought you some fabric”, you know it’s gonna be amazing.

Amber has become an extremely dear friend of mine – I’ve known about her for years, and we attended many events together in the past, but it’s only been in the last year that we’ve become really close. We’re both 2nd born in the family, super enthusiastic, and artsy. She is one of the most encouraging people I know, wise beyond her years, and always so ready to listen when I’m having a rough time, and

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FOR SALE || Hats


Springtime always makes me want to purge my closet. It’s when I get extremely ruthless, and end up throwing everything I ever treasured out.

I’ve noticed that I have a lot of vintage and modern hats that I’ve never worn, and probably will never wear, no matter how much I like them. They have just been taking up room in my closet, so I thought it was high time I sent them off to new homes so they could get the use they deserve.

So here’s your chance! Please spread the word!


FOR SALE || 1940’s Striped Green Dress


This was a test dress. I wanted to try out a new pattern, so it was kind of acting like a mock-up. It ended up being too big, and I didn’t have the desire to rip it apart and take it in even though I really liked it.

I typically wear a size 8 dress, and this one is about 2 sizes too big. It’s made from this pattern, made almost to a T. The fabric is rayon. It zips up on the side. It’s never been worn, and is in excellent condition.

I’m asking $30 for it, plus shipping. Comment with your email address, and I’ll be in

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