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LUXURY SHOPPING TRENDS 2015: Globetrotter$ Desire Dior

Dior couture fall 2015 fur asymetrical sleeve


Dior Haute Couture F’15

According to the retail consulting firm Conlumino in their new report,  Airport Retail Survey and Luxury Trends 2015-2016, which delves into the trends in purchasing patterns, over the next year, a whopping 92% of travelers intend to spend any airport time scoring some Dior!

Given the “Raf Simons effect” – responsible for boosting Dior couture sales 25% – it’s not surprising that Dior is in such demand worldwide.

For on this creative director’s watch, the maison has

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Mother Nature Inspires Elaborately Artificial (yet Fabulous) Footwear

Masaya kushino floral flower shoes

At the moment, the fashion world seems to place an emphasis on ethical or natural products, but for me this doesn’t sound new at all. In my opinion, human beings have always cultivated their civilizations while being affected by nature. I would say that the fashion industry even devises marketing buzzwords and strategies based on this idea.

– shoe designer Masaya Kushino

Known for his baroquely elaborate, yet whimsical, footwear

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Bitch Better Have My Blazer. Some Thoughts on Fashionable Thuggery.

Rihanna tom ford bbhmm video


Lounging on a barge in swimwear paired with edgy Margiela plastic/preppy loafers. Driving a getaway car clad in runway Tom Ford. Kidnapping the money-owing bitch’s beatch in a coat from Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture.


And unholy, but irresistible, this blend of blood-drenched violence mixed with fastidious fashion of Rihanna’s latest video, Bitch Better Have My Money, which immediately brought to mind the ultra-violent fashion dandies of the 1971 Kubrick classic A Clockwork Orange.

Based on the 1962 novel

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LUXURY SHOPPING TRENDS 2015: Fancy Wearable Tech in Search of a Special Purpose



Male warriors and leaders of old, possibly even back to the pharaohs of Egypt, wore – and often were buried in – beefy, blinged-out bangles known as Armills. These bracelets symbolized prowess in battle, military leadership and elevated social status.

The velvet-lined, enameled armill at right was made for the coronation of Charles II in 1661, and used at every subsequent coronation until 1953. Interestingly, the Royal Collection

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