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FUTURE OF FASHION: Technology Drives Cultural Change. Just Ask William Gibson.

Fashion robot steven kelin


I find myself distracted outside Harajuku Station by a bevy of teenage manga nurses, rocker girls kitted out in knee-high black platform boots, black jodhpurs, black Lara Croft tops, and open, carefully starched lab coats, stethoscopes around their necks. The look clearly isn’t happening without a stethoscope. They’re doing the Harajuku hang – smoking cigarettes, talking on their little phones, and being seen.

– author William Gibson in Wired (2001)

Now, much as I adore Neuromancer (1984), Mona

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End Time Fashion with Some Offkilter Schiaparelli Surrealism

Schiaparelli couture fall 2015 fur

(Schiaparelli Couture F’15)

There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad.

– Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí

Too much thinking and not enough imagination = war.

At least according to the high profile group of writers, painters, artsy types who made Paris of the 1920s such a bubbling hotbed of creativity.

World War I, they believed, could have been prevented had the unconscious been freed from the fetters of excessive rational thought. While imagination wasn’t necessarily more important than

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LUXURY TRENDS: Roman Empire Decadence, Gilded & Glittering, Adorns Valentino Couture Fall 2015

VALENTINO couture fall 2015 gold eagle jewelry jewellery accessories

Over 5,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians were thought to have originated the battlefield practice of marking the location of the commander and rallying the troops with a standard.

The prominent standard employed in ancient Roman was a gold eagle, or aquila, which was considered more than just symbolic. In fact, a lost standard was deemed incredibly grave – and inauspicious. While no physical examples

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FUTURE OF FASHION: Clothing as Antidote to Social Media Isolation

International talent support 2015

One of the more unexpected and interesting ways that digital media allows people to self-express is based on themes – sexual, aesthetic, ethnic, folkloric, re-inventionist. Insta-expressing, Facebook-statusing, Tweet-shouting and ViMEo’ing are pervasive and narcissistic, true, but also non-linear, fluid and freeing. Perhaps a tad too much. “Fragmentation is one of the defining traits of the historical moment we are living

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Post Punk Fashion & Lifestyle Looks to the Real Thing 35 Years After the Release of The Decline of Western Civilization

Punk fashion style chaos couture met musuem

(from 2013’s PUNK: Chaos to Couture at the Met Museum)

“There’s a new culture shaping up, and while it’s certainly an improvement on the repressive society now nervously aging, there is a strong element of sickness in our new, amorphous institutions. The cure bears viruses of its own,” wrote the incomparable rock critic Lester Bangs in his famous – but <a href="

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