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Where to Buy the Best Plus-Size Leather Jacket

Whether you’re looking for the perfect classic black moto to throw on over literally anything, or you want to update your collection with an of-the-moment bomber or embroidered style, there’s a plus-size leather jacket out there for you. Depending on your budget, fast-fashion brands offer faux leather—excuse me, vegan leather—options at well under $100 (and take it from me, some of them can be very convincing), while designer labels like Ralph Lauren have genuine lambskin versions that, while pricier, will last you forever.

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10 Insanely Perfect Cat-Eye Photos in Honor of National Cat Day

Happy National Cat Day! Yeah, we don’t know—apparently that’s a thing, and apparently we need to celebrate it, because the internet says so. If you have a cat, give it a hug, or whatever people do with cats (pet? Scratch? Shake?).

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Right now, your newsfeed is probably saturated with pictures of friends with their cats, and every article you read has some tie-in with cats. But since we’re the STYLECASTER beauty team, and we’re allergic to cats, we’re going to give you one thing better: A bunch of mesmerizing, holy-wow amazing cat-eye

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