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7 Products for the Most Common Winter Hair Accessory Woes

Between the freezing temps, our many layers, and all the vicious things cold weather can do to our skin, it’s safe to say that winter is a downer for our beauty routine. And much like dry winter skin, your hair will need a lot of TLC over the next few months. Cute accessories will help you stay warm and all, but they can also be the source of some unnecessary damage and daily styling woes.

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Things like snagging wool hats and excessive heat styling can leave your strands in a disastrous place come spring. So as you’re making seasonal

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30 Times Ashley Graham Made Us Drool with Her Killer Fashion Sense

It’s proven that Ashley Graham is a force in the fashion industry. She’s a bonafide supermodel, with dozens of runway shows and magazine covers under her belt, and she’s a major player in the business’s well-overdue shift toward size and body diversity. Given her integral role in fashion’s future, it makes sense that the 30-year-old is lauded as a style icon-in-the-making. (And she’s got the looks to prove it, too.)

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Whether she’s exiting a fashion show in a drool-worthy bodycon dress or hailing a cab in

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5 Millennial Women on Why They Opted for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery seems like the fairy tale of the beauty industry: You can walk into a doctor’s office with what you perceive as flaws, and—potentially, if all goes according to plan—leave with those imperfections minimized, and in some cases, erased entirely. Lifelong insecurities, fears, and frustrations (not to mention legitimate medical problems) can be addressed in a matter of hours. Is it any wonder that 1.4 million Americans per year are going under knife?

The fact that women are getting cosmetic surgery at younger and younger

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How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

We’re less than a week into 2018, but by now, most of us have already veered off the straight-and-narrow. In other words, we jotted down a list of resolutions, but can’t seem to stay on track. It’s an inevitable challenge tons of people face every January. Our goals and resolutions are backed with plenty of confidence, but follow-through is when the problems come. Yet we still subject ourselves to this vicious cycle year after year. Could it be that we’ve evolved past a traditional list of to-dos and need to put in a little

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Drake Savagely Shut Down an Instagram Troll Who Thought His Teeth Were Dirty

Word to the wise: Don’t come for Drake, lest you want to be savagely clapped back to, like this Instagram troll who recently criticized the rapper’s teeth. On Thursday, the 31-year-old rapper posted an Instagram of him and a few friends hugging at a party.

The picture was pure and candid with Drake showing off a wide, toothy smile as he embraced two friends. Of course, that didn’t stop the trolls from coming out to play. One user, who considered Drake’s teeth less white than the average person, decided to shame him for

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5 BDSM Sex Tips That are Perfect for Beginners

I know what you might be thinking when you hear the term “BDSM”—Christian Grey’s playroom, pain, safety words, and weird-looking masks. However, BDSM is more than the sum of its parts. At its core, BDSM is actually about trust, control, and finding pain/pleasure thresholds for ultimate sexual satisfaction.

“The myth is that BDSM is abusive and weird—whips and chains,” says Michael Castleman, a sex expert and author of <a href="

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