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Rihanna’s Launching a Lingerie Line, but Some Fans Are Not Pleased

Just when everyone thought Rihanna had laid all her talents—music, activewear, beauty—on the table, girl went and dropped a Savage X Fenty lingerie line on us. The teasing began on April 17, with a mysterious post from Rihanna that man fans interpreted as hints about a new album. But the 30-year-old singer (and beauty and retail mogul), announced on April 20 it’s actually a lingerie line that’s “bout to light this up sis!”

We have to admit, we’re a little shocked about this endeavor, but it looks like her music fans take

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5 Ways to Make Being on Top So Much Hotter

There’s really no right or wrong way to ride a penis, vagina or strap-on—it pretty much comes down to what feels good for you. First of all, forget everything you’ve seen in porn. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, and really, there’s no balancing act or pretzel-twisting postures required.

Although some may consider standard-issue missionary-position sex not so exciting, it’s a go-to for a reason. If you’re on bottom, you basically have the option of doing nothing while the person on top bumps, writhes and grinds.


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People Need to Stop Makeup-Shaming Drew Barrymore in This Instagram

Welcome to another day of body and beauty-shaming (collective eye-roll). In the last week, we’ve seen people stereotype Bella Thorne as a “partier” because of her acne; others deem Ashley Graham not a “real model” because of her size; and today, we have an equally infuriating situation: people are judging Drew Barrymore not for how she looks without makeup—but rather, how she looks when she wears what some claim is too much makeup.

On Friday, Barrymore posted a photo to Instagram promoting her makeup line

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The Quick-and-Dirty Workout for Leaner Arms

That jiggly skin just between the armpit and elbow is a source of insecurity for many. Although we see nothing wrong with having a little cushion on our bodies, the truth is if we could strengthen and sculpt that area without spending endless hours in the gym, we’d do it without hesitation (anything to avoid those bulky weight machines!).

According to Jen Jewell, personal trainer and Cellucor athlete, the best time-efficient workout combines brief bursts

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Lili Reinhart Says Cystic Acne Used to Keep Her From Leaving the House

Whereas some celebrities reject the “role model” label, Lili Reinhart appears to be doing the opposite. When she’s not calling out magazines for unnecessary Photoshopping or sharing her inexpensive skin-care hacks, the “Riverdale” star is also transparent about her struggles with cystic acne.

Although she’s grown to accept and find ways for treating her painful breakouts, Reinhart says that they’ve also triggered flashbacks to her middle and high school years, when her insecurity evolved into “slight

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What Celebrities Look Like With and Without Makeup

Celebrities such as Kylie JennerBeyoncé, and Lady Gaga are known for the over-the-top makeup they wear on red carpets or in concert, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t take a killer no-makeup selfie. Whether they’re glammed to the gods or bare-faced and au naturel, these stars never fail to look gorgeous and give us major beauty inspo.

MORE: The 12 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Hacks We’ve Ever Heard About

And though we are all, of course, beautiful with or without makeup, there’s no denying the power of foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and an arsenal of beauty products. To

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