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3 Quick Ways to Update Your Winter Wardrobe

Maybe it’s the monotony of wearing the same coat every day, or the drabness of cloudy gray skies, but something about winter always makes me fall into a style rut. 

So here are three quick DIY fashion revamps to shake things up in preparation for the coming winter season. Hopefully they’ll infuse a bit more creativity and color into your winter wardrobe, without having to spend a fortune.

Easy Embroidery

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Embroidered patches are a quick and easy way to personalize your clothes, and there are so many different

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Savings Alert: Here Are 6 Tips for Saving Money While You Shop

Fall has arrived, winter is fast approaching, Thanksgiving is almost a month away… this is the time of the year where new outfits and presents are bought. 

With all the incoming expenses ahead of you, one has to be a smart shopper to brace themselves for this holiday season. To get a head start, enroll yourself in this Saving Money While You Shop 101 crash course right now! 

Here are SIX tips to save money while you shop

1. Never (or at least 80% of the time) buy anything that’s regular price. 

Chances are, that cute, cozy sweater that you really like will

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A History of Counterculture: Cyberpunk and Cybergoth

From poodle skirts to Instaglam, and cloche hats to bell bottoms, the history of mainstream fashion is well-known to the everyday fashionista. But not all aspects of fashion are mainstream. This semester, I’ll be exploring the history of counterculture movements – and how they differ from the fashion history you already know.

Last time, I discussed glam rock, a movement that sprung up in the early 1970s whose style

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Kourtney Kardashian Style 101: How to Copy Her Look

A while back, we listed our favorite celebrity fashion icons, and over the next few months, we’ll be breaking down each celebrity’s style in depth and showing you how to get her style for yourself. Today, we’re showing you how to get Kourtney Kardashian’s style.

One of the infamous Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian is known for her levelheadedness and unique sense of style, as well as her killer confidence. It’s easy to forget that Kourtney is in her late thirties

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My Beauty Bucket List

I think most of us are familiar with a bucket list. Likely, many of us have one. I find bucket lists a little bit hard to conceptualize. The list is usually so long and I’m in the very beginning of my life, so I find that it becomes more like a list of resolutions, rather than motivators for future events I want to do. 

A beauty resolutions list, though, was something I did in my sophomore year of high school and to my surprise I actually accomplished all of them. Having a list of things I would like to

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3 Fabulous Ways to Style a Fall Stole

The “Fabulous Find of the Week” column gives you the heads up on all the hottest, most affordable items at your favorite stores!

Hello ladies! How are you all doing? Fall is upon us and the leaves are starting to turn. This change in season also brings about an exciting change of wardrobe. We will be moving our flip-flops and seersucker dresses to the back of the closet and making way for our boots and cashmere sweaters.

This week’s Fabulous Find is an essential fall accessory: a stole. This elegant

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