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Profusion Mixed Metals Peach Palette Eyes & Lips Set Review

Before last week, the only place I had seen the Profusion beauty brand was at TJ Maxx. Scattered amongst the dented boxes and half-open products, the sturdy Profusion packaging always stood out to me. Plus, it seems like this affordable beauty brand is attempting to take on high-priced competitors, as they have highly dupe-able products from eyeshadows to liquid highlighters. While I’ve always been curious about this brand,  I’d never actually taken the plunge. I think the main reason I hadn’t given in and

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2 Budget Capsule Wardrobes Inspired by 20 Years of Goldfrapp

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the car, studying in the library, on a dance floor, or in the supermarket, when Goldfrapp’s “Ooh La La” comes on, you are about to dance like your like depends on it.

Before Lady Gaga came into existence, the alien glitter disco goddess in my life was Alison Goldfrapp. With a halo of luminous, buoyant curls and intense, laser-through-you blue eyes, Alison Goldfrapp is always backlit, and art just kind of pours out of her.

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Kokie Cosmetics: Cruelty-Free Drugstore Makeup Inspired by K-Beauty

If you’ve been through a Walmart within the last year while on a quest for new beauty, you’ve probably seen the striking black and white packaging of Kokie Cosmetics. They’re a Maryland-born brand that’s cruelty-free and takes inspiration from the world of Korean beauty, aka k-beauty. (“Kokie” is derived from the Korean word for elephant!)

Kokie offers an entire face-full of makeup and beauty products. Their line includes everything you need for a makeup base, including color correctors, setting

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May 2018 Playlist: heatwave

The only people who romanticize summers in the South are people who have never lived here.  It’s not all front porches and sweet tea, lightning bugs and bare feet, like television and old novels would have you believe.

It ain’t pretty.

May is a tenuous month in the Deep South, where the summer rain hasn’t settled in but the heat sure has. It’s been obliteratingly hot in Memphis already.

It’s May 23, and the Weather Channel says it “feels like” 97 degrees. It’s May 23, and the thermometer in

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Thirsting Over Zara Spring/Summer 2018: Colour Canyon

After events like the Met Gala and the derby, it becomes painfully clear that I am too poor to ever buy, wear, or maintain anything high fashion. Thankfully, sneaky budget fashion brands do an excellent job of making budget-obsessed people feel like we’re actually participating in the fashion industry. H&M’s #sponsored presence on the Met Gala red carpet gives me hope, and ZARA’s Spring/Summer 2018 fashion editorial, Colour Canyon, gives me the vapors.

Each season, ZARA does an amazing job of giving life to their (usually

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Wet N Wild Flights of Fancy is Beautiful & Benefits California Birds

Every season, Wet N Wild presents us with a highly creative, imaginative collection of affordable, drugstore makeup – usually with a theme that gives us exactly what we’re craving at the time, whether it’s mermaids, summer goth vibes, or some other fantasy. For Summer 2018, Wet N Wild has teamed up with the Los Angeles chapter of the National Audobon Society to create the Flights of Fancy collection which is inspired by the dwindling population of California of hummingbirds.

This collection’s focus on nature is a welcome

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