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My November Goals

November 8. Wow. Happy Election Day (who else is feeling anxious?!)! I’m not sure how it’s November, but there are two months left in 2016 and I fully intend on making the most out of the year of the Clinton-Trump Presidential Election / Drake / Kylie Lip Kits / the Rio de Janeiro Olympics / Snapchat / Wellness everything and dare I say…my husband’s heart attack.

I’m a firm believer that any day is a good day to start new goals, but since I was a little girl I’ve been physically writing annual and bi-annual goals on New Years Eve and July 1 (the 182nd day of the year) respectively. With the end of this year upon us and new goal-writing ahead, I spent time this past weekend reviewing the goals I set last December and July in effort to potentially squeeze in a few more check-marks (I know, I know, I’m basically my own tiger mom). It’s

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WC: Keep Up With Your Health


Did everyone enjoy treating yourselves last week? I hope so!

On top of giving in to indulgences, something that’s incredibly important for your mind and body is staying healthy. Obviously. But in addition to exercise, eating greens, and getting enough sleep, it’s also on you to keep up with your health via doctor appointments. It’s definitely an annoying part of being an adult, but keeping up with your check-ups is imperative to catching (god-forbid!) health issues before they get too serious, and for peace of mind that you’re all

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All Tied Up


I live for big cozy sweaters around the house and on cold days, but I also love the idea of feeling feminine and even sexy in one sometimes too (anyone else?!). Plus, it’s not cold enough in LA for bulky ones yet. This semi-backless sweater is the ideal mix of cool-weather comfort without being blah. Mixed with cropped, wide-legged Levi’s and a pretty pair of shoes, and this is the perfect look for date night or girl’s night out.

Wearing  Alexander Wang Slit Back Pullover Sweater & vintage Levi’s

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Turning Comparison Into Drive


Comparison is tricky. It can lead to unfair personal expectations and judgement against others. And with the constant social media browsing and access to other people’s lives 24/7, I’ve started feeling like a lot of my days revolve around comparison. A blogger who has an unreal closet, a fitness girl who has abs I could only dream of, or even a friend who is taking advantage of her day while I’m being lazy on my couch. I haaate the feeling.

But instead of completely shutting down my social media accounts and becoming a hermit—which

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10 Toxic Cosmetic Ingredients To Ditch NOW


Fun fact: The last time Congress thoroughly overhauled the regulation of personal care products like cosmetics and shampoo, World War II had not yet begun.

Nearly 80 years later, personal care is a multibillion-dollar business, and many of the ingredients used in soaps and face creams are complex—and potentially dangerous—chemical compounds.

This could all change soon. Legislation that would introduce a far more serious degree of regulatory oversight to the personal care products industry is proceeding in the Senate and the House of

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Breaking Unhealthy Cold Weather Habits


As the seasons turn, I like to assess my poor habits before things get out of control with cold weather, holiday parties, unhealthy food options, and general craziness. Because the only thing that can ruin the holiday season—for me—is feeling blah the whole time. Plus, I want to make sure I’m bringing healthy habits from summer into cooler months.

This year, I’m determined to banish the habits I’m not so proud of in hopes of heading into the new year on top of my game! Here’s what I’m planning to break:

Not wearing sunscreen


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