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Ladies In White

All summer long when it came to dressing the baby and I, I lived on the edge and opted to put us both in variations of white – it’s just so pure! This came to a screeching halt, however, when she started crawling last week. GAHH! They warned me that it happens fast but I didn’t believe that it was THIS fast. Slowwww down!

Some of my favorite white options for mama and baby:

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I Traveled Alone With An Infant For The First Time, Here’s What I Learned

​One of the things that excites me most as a mom is sharing life and all that the world has to offer with my daughter. So naturally, I couldn’t wait to travel with her for the first time. As a nervous new mom I did all sorts of research to prepare, including asking for everyone’s tips on Instagram (so many useful tips here – thank you!) and between all the advice and actually traveling, I learned A LOT.

Here are my top traveling tips:

1. Passport

If you’re traveling internationally, babies need their own passports

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Things I’m Loving

You know what time it is! I’m back with the series where I curate all things I’m currently loving or crushing on. Please share anything you’re wearing, reading, or trying in the comments. I’d love to see what’s inspiring you at the moment, too.

Health + Wellness

How to eat for longevity—yes please!

Why sex is so crucial for a happy relationship.

Love these ideas on reducing waste.

Speaking of reducing waste, such an interesting read on plastic consumption.


The Fall 2018 lists are officially in place. Are you into these trends?


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Why It’s Important to Eat The Rainbow

When most people think of vegetables, the color green usually comes to mind, but obviously there are way more than just that. Which begs the question—what does the color actually mean? And should you be eating more or less of a certain hue? Here’s what I know:

What the colors of your produce really mean

Red, blue and purple: If your produce is one of these colors it most likely contains anthocyanins, which means it’s primary health benefit is antioxidants. But most varieties are also filled with vitamins A, C and potassium

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LIVE WELL: Clean Your Tech

I’m all about trying to keep my diet clean, my house clean—you get it, but something that I realized had gotten away from me lately is my phone (and other tech).

When you think about it, it’s crazy how many surfaces our phones, tablets, remotes, etc. all touch and then we have them in our hands constantly. It’s most definitely a great way to spread germs. Not to mention, with your phone, although I try not to hold mine up to my ear (read <a href="" target="_blank

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Continuous Unearthing

I’m continuing to unearth in my closet (see this post here if you’re not sure what I’m talking about) and these pants, heels and necklaces are all items I’ve had for quite some time and haven’t been reaching for. And the shirt? That’s my husbands. Ha!

The DYLANLEX necklace was one of the first pieces of Drew’s I ever received and years later, her and I are now the best of friends. #sentimental

Who else has been unearthing?

Wearing: SEA pants (similar <a href="" target="_blank

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