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Orange Beach

Hiiii from Orange Beach, Alabama! We’re in full vacation mode down here and Leo is loving every minute of it. She loves the water, fits right in with her 10 cousins – and knock on wood – has been a wonderful traveler so far. Feeling very lucky!

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What I Pack In My Diaper Bag

This post may seem a little Captain Obvious, but the truth is, the first time I went to pack my diaper bag, which was the first time I was leaving the house with the baby, I was SO nervous. Do I have everything I need? What do I actually need? Do I have enough of all that I need? So, I gooogled. And googled again just to be sure. I packed way too much and that was OK; I was a new mom and needed to feel over-prepared. Now that she’s five months old, I’ve figured out what I actually need and have a good system.

Before we

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5 Types of Breaks That Can Improve Your Life

Improve Your Life

Though vacations are the truest time to relax and get away from everyday life stressors, it’s not like we can all take off every time we need a break. And sometimes, we need to distance ourselves from something a lot smaller than work or to-do lists. Because of that, I find it refreshing to take breaks from a few other things in my life. Maybe you need the same kind of breaks? Read on to see!

From TV

TV can be such a time suck when you’re <a href="

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LIVE WELL: Improve Your Finances

Money can be a major cause of daily stress, so I thought it might be good to include it as a topic in the LIVE WELL series.

I usually get stressed about money when I realize I’m spending way too much on materialistic things. It can be really hard to find balance in the world we live in today with social media and easy electronic payment methods. I mean, you don’t even have to have your wallet with you these days to pay—your phone can handle it all. Crazy, crazy!

That being said, I’ve been giving the topic some thought lately and also

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5 Bloggers Making Me Want to Chop My Hair

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (aka not scrolling through Instagram), you’ve noticed the major hair trend. Short, blunt bobs are back and bigger than ever…and I need one. Especially mixed with effortless French girl waves and a simple approach, the style is all I’ve ever wanted in a summer cut. Here are the bloggers I’ve been stalking and snapping pics of before my next appt!

Talisa Sutton

Emma Hill

Whitney Port

Louise Roe

Jill Lansky

You into it?!

The post <a rel="nofollow

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​How To Organize Just About Anything

​As the saying goes, ‘cluttered space, cluttered mind,’ and I really identify with this. If there’s a mess in my house, it occupies a little corner of my subconscious until it’s straightened up, which is why I recently teamed up with organizer Shara Koplowitz from Open 4 Organizing to help with a project: my beauty products.

I sat with her on the floor of the bathroom and watched her closely as she organized so that I could learn as much from the process as possible. The results were an extremely organized beauty

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