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How To Shop For A Non-Toxic Crib

Nurseries are the sweetest rooms I ever did see! And for me, it was important that this sweet space where my baby plays, eventually sleeps and learns is as safe and non-toxic as possible. Surprisingly, one of the hardest non-toxic items to find was a crib. Trust me, I tried!

Many cribs are “GREENGUARD Gold Certified” which according to the certification means, “Simply put, GREENGUARD Certification ensures that a product has met some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of

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The One Thing That’s Made Me Happier This Year

As 2018 kicked off, I wanted to make some changes when it came to my schedule and work load. I was working too much, often spending 12 hours in front of my computer a day, and feeling anxious from the moment I woke up. Though I thought I was generally happy, I knew this wasn’t the healthiest way to live. And though I was getting a ton of work done, at what price?

It was about that time that my husband suggest I start taking a couple hours “off” in the middle of the day. As someone who used to eat lunch in front of the computer

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7 Non-Toxic Beauty Products That Mimic a Spa

When I think of the places I’m most happy, often times that place involves a spa. Whether on vacation or in my own city, splurging on a treatment is literally my happy place. Anyone else? There’s something about the spa smell, cucumber water, and products that always leaves me feeling completely blissed.

Since my budget doesn’t allow for daily spa visits (the dream!), I’ve been trying to recreate those feelings at home. I won’t lie and say it’s exactly the same, but with a robe, zen music, and these 7 products

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LIVE WELL: Reusable Produce Bags

I pride myself on being as environmentally smart as possible or at least doing what I can to improve the state and future of our planet. Living in LA, I’m constantly surrounded by new ways to be Eco-friendly, which is one of my favorite things about the people in this massive city. Yes, the excess driving and pollution is ugly, but I do find the citizens of LA making strides to leave less of an impact, which is inspiring.

I’ve switched to steel straws, use reusable grocery bags, compost (though I could improve here!), carpool

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Spring Vibes

The spring weather in LA is in full effect and I am welcoming it with open arms! I’m excited to start wearing pretty dresses, effortless sandals and vintage Levi’s with crop tops like this linen one for the next few months because it’s just SO easy.

Wearing: Madewell jeans, ZARA top, Gianvito Rossi satin crisscross-strap mules, Soko Mezi Mini Hoop Earrings & D’BLANC x Amuse Society 52mm Sunglasses

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I Encapsulated My Placenta, Here’s Why

“Encapsulate your placenta? Are you insane?” was the reaction I was expecting from most people when I divulged that I planned to consume my placenta after birth, but to my surprise, most people were supportive and curious. And if they hadn’t been, that was fine, too. This is my body and these are my decisions and what works for one may not work for others, especially when it comes to birth. But for me, for meeee, placenta encapsulation was intriguing and it was something I wanted to do.

What exactly is placentophagy, or

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