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Random Things That Bring Me Joy

It’s very easy to passively enjoy something, but acknowledging just how happy it makes you adds another layer of gratification. Perhaps it’s reallllly enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day, finding comfort in the smell of your home when you walk in, feeling just how soft your sheets are all over your body when you get into bed or hugging someone you love extra tight to really feel the connection. Whatever it is, the big and small joys in life should never be taken for granted. So next time you’re truly enjoying something

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5 Quick Ways to Practice Patience Daily

This post was written by BIA contributor Chelsea Becker

March was a crazy month for me! Between being 9 months pregnant, buying our first home (and moving), and planning a maternity leave, it was a lot. And what was unique about this season of busy was that SO much of it was out of my control. Bankers and loans and due dates and clients and all things that made me practice a lot of patience. I starting making mental notes of ways I was doing this (mainly to share with my husband as he has a short fuse) and wanted to share

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Coffee Talk

Back with the second installment of Coffee Talk! A series where I answer some of the most frequently answered questions I get on Instagram. Have a question? Leave it here in the comments and I’ll add it to my list.

Do you ever think about going back to Youtube?

Of course! All the time. I loved having a channel to share recipes, ideas, wellness tips, et al but starting a brand new channel and building it from the ground up feels daunting. Instead, I’ve been trying to bring some more video content to insta-stories and IGTV. Some

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LIVE WELL: Charcoal

charcoal wellness trend

Charcoal has been a maaajor wellness trend for a while now and I actually can’t believe I haven’t talked more about it. But here it is, in this week’s LIVE WELL!

It seems like it started as a soap and then overnight there was charcoal everything (literally, there’s even charcoal ice cream). So if you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet or are curious why so many have, here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits of incorporating charcoal into your wellness routine. Plus, the (many) ways you can go about using it.

But first

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Ladies In White

All summer long when it came to dressing the baby and I, I lived on the edge and opted to put us both in variations of white – it’s just so pure! This came to a screeching halt, however, when she started crawling last week. GAHH! They warned me that it happens fast but I didn’t believe that it was THIS fast. Slowwww down!

Some of my favorite white options for mama and baby:

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