Love Happens When Beautiful Materials Surround You

From exotic marbles, gemstones, and minerals to luscious textiles and rare woods, beautiful materials enrich designs enticing onlookers through their compelling and eye-catching distinction. Whether in fashion, interior design or architecture, the materials which compose the forms are essential to the overall design. And when beautiful materials surround us it is hard not to fall in love!

In each edition of Love Happens we close the magazine with a moodboard exploring an inspiring and thought-provoking subject which completes the phrase “Love Happens…”. Our third volume is all about haute craftsmanship so we chose to complete this sentence with “When Beautiful Materials Surround You.” Marta Vieira, KOKET’s Digital Marketing Director, then created this inspiring and alluring collage focused on beautiful and luxurious materials used in design and fashion.

Love Happens When Beautiful Materials Surround You

love happens when beautiful materials surround you

So next time you find yourself surrounded by beautiful materials breath them in with all your senses and let love happen!

Moodboard by Marta Vieira
Words by Anna Beck Bimba

Moodboard Originally Appeared in Love Happens, Volume 3, 2019

Collage Image Sources:

1. Givenchy Haute Couture FW 2018/2019. Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images | 2. Anemone Flower Wood Cuffs with Opals and Diamonds by Silvia Furmanovich | 3. Grande Leone Africa Wood Sculpture by Bartolozzi and Maioli Bottega D’arte | 4. Stools by Jonathan Zawada | 5. Decodiva Cocktail Table in Satin Brass and Marble by Koket | 6. Marquetry Leaf Bracelet with Emeralds by Silvia Furmanovich | 7. Christian Dior Haute Couture F/W 2011/2012. Photos by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images | 8. Pale Pink and Mismatched Marble Decorate Tel Aviv Cafe by Meir Guri | 9. Vivre Chandelier with Agate Stones by Koket | 10. Valentim Quaresma Sculpture. Photo by João Carlos | 11. Dc1731 Detail by Vincenzo de Cotiis Gallery | 12. Matelassé Wall Covering by De Castelli | 13. Detail of the Iris Van Herpen Syntopia Couture Collection. Photo by Morgan O´Donovan.

decodiva marble and brass dining table by koket

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