Kelly Rowland Says Her Son Titan Plays Piano ‘Literally Every Day’

Kelly Rowland Says Her Son Titan Plays Piano 'Literally Every Day'

Kelly Rowland‘s son Titan has already inherited his mom’s musical genes!

The 36-year-old singer and former Destiny’s Child star recently revealed that two-year-old Titan practices the piano every single day.

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“He’s on the piano literally every day,” Kelly told People. “He goes back to the same spot and sits in the same seat and plays a specific note every single day. Now he’s broadening his space of the keys on the piano, so I’m just amazed. We’re about to get him piano lessons!”

“It’s been awesome actually,” Kelly went on, reflecting on being a mother. “Even when he’s playing in puddles, this is a new puddle to him, so when he looks at it, I look at it as an opportunity to be silly, to experience rain, like what that was like for me as a kid. We jump in the puddles and we get all wet, we’re silly, and we have that moment. You experience nature and allow yourself to be a kid again.”

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Pictured: Kelly leaving The Chew on Thursday (April 27) in New York City, and joining BAND-AID Brand for a dance class the day before in the same city to kick off the new #StickWithIt campaign.