Jennifer Lawrence Fronts Her Gazillionth Christian Dior Campaign, for Cruise 2019

It’s fair to say our forums aren’t fans of Jennifer Lawrence’s ongoing partnership with Christian Dior, given the many pleas for the French fashion house to revoke her endless contract. Despite our wishes, Jennifer returns to showcase Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Cruise 2019 collection, on the heels of her recent unveiling as the face of Dior’s first pillar fragrance in 20 years. In a departure from her previous umpteen campaigns, the actress was photographed by Viviane Sassen in a wild yet modern setting, complete with a black horse looming in the background.

Christian Dior Cruise 2019 : Jennifer Lawrence by Viviane Sassen


As expected, members of our forums weren’t feeling it. “Without Lawrence, this would be a beautiful shot,” slammed RaisinBoy.

Ken Doll Jenner couldn’t have agreed more. “This could actually be a dreamy campaign with a different model and different point of view. The set is so sparse and austere, it drags the whole thing down and gives off a rather clinical vibe,” they said.

“She never does anything for the clothes. Although she’s a good actress, she’s not aspirational. I’m surprised she’s lasted that long at Dior,” added Morgane07.

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“I really think it’s about time they find someone new! This image looks very deja-vu. I’m surprised Sassen would go for such a tame setting, but will see where she’ll go with it,” noted Benn98.

“When seeing this shot and the Dior clothes it seems like they tried to make up the lack of trees, etc. through the print on the clothes. The simplicity of the shot clashes with the clothes. This would have been a nice shot for Hermès,” forum member Nymphaea stated.

TaylorBinque shared the same opinion as everyone else: “Whatever. The horse is pretty. The clothes and Jen are not really. Next!”

About time Dior really did look for someone else? See the campaign in full and join the conversation here.

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