Is Weed Brow Gel Worth Your Money? All Signs Point To Yes

As you’ve probably gathered from the endless stream of lotions, bath bombs, and lip balms infused with the hemp-harvested ingredient, CBD is kind of a big deal in the beauty world as of late. But if you thought the buzz couldn’t possibly get any higher, it’s officially reached a fever pitch, now that makeup is getting in on the trend.

Back in April, Milk Makeup — the edgy, inclusive brand you’ll find in most New Yorkers’ clutches — launched the first-ever CBD-infused Kush Mascara. Now, they’re coming out with a sister formula in the form of a tinted brow gel. Similar to its predecessor, the vegan Kush Brow Gel uses heart-shaped extension fibers to make brow hairs appear thicker; the cannabis oil makes the formula intensely conditioning for a lightweight wash of color that keeps hairs soft, never stiff.

Starting today, the Kush Brow Gel (in three colors, plus clear) are available from 2-5 p.m. EST on the brand’s site (you can access the early-bird launch via Milk Makeup’s Instagram bio). The special preview sale won’t last forever, though, so in case you don’t get your hands on (at least) one today, mark your calendars for June 26 when it launches for real on Milk Makeup and Sephora.

Wondering whether it met our high standards? Read our staffers’ reviews, ahead.

“Most redheads will know that finding a brow pencil, gel, or pomade to match your not-blonde, but not-brunette brow hairs can be difficult. This pale pigment worked. But just because it matched doesn’t mean the entire formula was a home run. It didn’t go on as smooth as I hoped and I needed an additional clean spoolie to brush through the tiny clumps to keep everything neat and tidy.” — Megan Decker, Beauty Assistant

Milk Makeup Kush Fiber Brow Gel in Haze, $18, available June 26 at Milk Makeup.

“In all honesty, from the name, I thought this would smell at least a little like weed. It didn’t. But where it lacked in hemp scent, it made up for in efficacy. Full disclosure: I get my brows tinted, so I don’t need a ton of pigment from my products. However, this did do what I needed: made my hairs soft, tamed, and clean of residual makeup. If you’re looking for a more powerful pigment, go for Glossier’s Boy Brow. If you want something that conditions instead of just tints, go for this.” — Morgan Baila, Associate Entertainment Editor

Milk Makeup Kush Fiber Brow Gel in Dutch, $18, available June 26 at Milk Makeup.

“I am very particular about what I put on my brows, primarily because they’re a cool-toned, ashy dark brown, not the ‘warm brunette’ most products seem to cater to that looks bizarre and brassy on me. The neutral black-brown tint of Grind is perfect for my needs in that sense, and it seems to hold my brows in place throughout the day much better than the fiber gel I was using before, without going stiff or sticky. I am a touch put off by the sheer wetness of the formula, which requires me to wipe practically all of the product off on a paper towel before using — I want fuller, darker, longer-lasting brows, not wet ones. It just feels like a waste, but it works for me otherwise, so I’ll get over it.” — Rachel Krause, Senior Beauty Writer

Milk Makeup Kush Fiber Brow Gel in Grind, $18, available June 26 at Milk Makeup.

“My favorite part about this gel is the spoolie: It’s tiny, it’s tapered, and it gets every hair I need it to grab. Thanks to the CBD, this formula is really slick and leaves an intense glossy finish on your hairs. Layer it on top of your filled-in brows and you’ll get an even thicker effect. The only thing that would make it better is a black tint for my super-dark brows.” — Khalea Underwood, Beauty Writer

Milk Makeup Kush Clear Brow Gel, $18, available June 26 at Milk Makeup.

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