Is This Glitter Makeup As Good As Hollywood Says? We Investigate.

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The older we get, the less creative and imaginative we become. Growing old means growing up, right? Author William Blake called it a fall from innocence. John Mayer says it’s like being on a train without any stops. The Breakfast Club ‘s Allison Reynolds summed up that post-Neverland feeling as your heart dying (figuratively, of course).

Sure, the growing pains of adulthood aren’t as dramatic in real life as in pop culture, but there’s no doubt our delight in no-shame fun fades as we age. You’ve probably already come to terms with the fact that mandatory naps and eating dirt will never be in your daily routine ever again (for better or for worse), but that doesn’t mean you have to leave every old habit in the past. In fact, one of our childhood arts and crafts staples is back in a big way. Enter: glitter.

Glitter was the antidote to everything boring and dull in our youth. Yes, it made the sort of mess that could only be solved by arson, but it also turned dried pasta into priceless jewelry — and that was pretty magical, right? Now, thanks to brands like Lemonhead LA, it’s possible for gainfully-employed adults to wear glitter without looking like toddlers in daycare, and the brand has a ton of Hollywood fans like Margot Robbie, Priyanka Chopra, and Emma Stone into fans.

Makeup artist and Instagram stans alike say this glitter is a step above the rest because of its water-resistant, no-fuss, clean-freak-friendly formula. We’d say it’s worth putting to the test — so, we did. We asked nine R29 staffers to try the sparkliest formulas from the brand (choosing from three different types of glitter: Spacejam, Spacepaste, and Glowjam) to decide whether or not glitter really can keep us young forever. Their thoughts, ahead.

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Samantha Sasso, Beauty Writer

I Tried: Spacejam in Birthday Bitch

The Verdict: “You know that feeling when you see something so cute, you just want to squeeze it and cry? Well, I have a similarly aggressive reaction to this glitter. Seeing this shade for the first time got me so excited, I swear tears swelled in my eyes.

“Chalk it up to the funky chunks of glitter (Birthday Bitch literally looks like the sprinkles on a cake), or the fact that wearing it makes you feel like Lady Gaga (during her Artpop era), but this glitter has me hooked. If you’re feeling bored or uninspired, use this stuff because it’ll make wearing makeup fun again.”

Lemonhead LA Spacejam in Birthday Bitch, $28, available at Lemonhead LA

Michelle Li, Associate Stylist

I Tried: Spacepaste in Private School

The Verdict: “Since there were too many awesome colors to choose from, I decided to try two at a time (Private School and Malibu) — one on each eye. I loved how chunky the glitter was, but I think I piled on too much, too fast. I should have let the glitter dry before applying another layer. But this glitter is no joke. It actually had as much color on my lids as it did in the jar.”

Lemonhead LA Space Paste Private School, $22, available at Lemonhead LA

Aimee Simeon, Beauty Writer

I Tried: Spacepaste in Violet Hour

The Verdict: “The thought of wearing glitter eyeshadow freaks me out. I can barely blend mattes to look completely flawless, so how could I apply chunky glitter without looking like a disco ball gone wrong? After playing around with this shade, I learned that it’s okay to embrace the shimmer.

“I loved that the purple color complemented my skin tone and brown eyes. It felt perfect to wear to a New Year’s Eve celebration or to the club. The real challenge came in getting it off. I wouldn’t recommend using this if you wear eyelash extensions, because the chunks of the glitter were super hard to remove from the base of my lashline. I was also left with shimmery fragments on my face and in my hair. While the cleanup makes this a little too messy to wear on a daily basis, I would definitely pull it out for a holiday celebration (but not without my most heavy-duty makeup remover in tow).”

Lemonhead LA Spacepaste in Violet Hour, $22, available at Lemonhead LA

Rachel Krause, Senior Beauty Writer

I Tried: Spacepaste in Houdini Highlite

The Verdict: “I love glitter in theory, but do not like for it to be anywhere on my person, primarily because I hate when people look at me and wearing glitter is a guaranteed way to get people to look at you. But everyone loves this Lemonhead stuff, and Lemonheads are my favorite candy, so why the hell not?

“The gel formula has an almost whipped texture that makes it go on smooth, not sandpaper-y, and it is so, so glittery. I expected it to be more subtle on my lids based on the color in the jar, but it’s so packed with the iridescent shimmer that it looked totally purple once I got it on. I wore it for all of 10 minutes before getting scared and running back to my comfort zone/the office bathroom to wash it off, but I enjoyed it while it lasted — which is good, because I’ll probably have leftover remnants of violet glitter stuck to my undereyes for a week.”

Lemonhead LA Spacepaste in Houdini, $22, available at Lemonhead LA

Rachel Chen, Senior Content Strategist

I Tried: Spacepaste in Groupie

The Verdict: “I’m not the most adventurous person when it comes to makeup, but this glitter made it so easy to create a bold smoky eye. The trick: Use a flat-ended makeup brush to get your lines clean and precise.”

Lemonhead LA Spacepaste in Groupie, $22, available at Lemonhead LA

Jessica Cruel, Deputy Beauty Director

I Tried: Glowjam in Electric Daze

The Verdict: “Although I am a moderate when it comes to makeup (anti-foundation, but pro-red lipstick), something really attracted me to these Lemonhead glitters. They are so over-the-top in the best way. Plus, Beyoncé wore them on stage and that is enough to make me try anything.

“I used a flat eyeshadow brush to apply the yellow-gold glitter, and I was instantly impressed with the amount that actually ended up on my eye. Usually it takes several coats to get glitter to make an impact, but this was strong from the first dab.

“It is hard to create specific shapes or get pristine placement. But part of the fun of this product is to go extreme. I let the first layer dry and added another coat (which was a bit tough because the first coat lifted up in some places). I will say, this type of eye look needs false lashes. Somehow my stubby hairs didn’t do this yellow shade any justice.”

Lemonhead LA Glow Jam in Electric Daze, $22, available at Cult Beauty

Megan Decker, Beauty Assistant

I Tried: Spacejam in White Rabbit

The Verdict: “Out of all the Lemonhead shades, this one was right up my alley because it’s colorless. I thought the clear base would make it more subtle, but the huge flecks of shimmery confetti glitter made it really stand out. The consistency feels goopy, like Vaseline or glitter glue, which helps it spread across the eye. A teensy dab — which I assumed would sheer out — covered my entire eyelid in full-on sparkle, but you can’t really tell how glittery it is unless I’m blinking or looking down.”

Lemonhead LA Spacejam in White Rabbit, $28, available at Lemonhead LA

Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer & Host

I Tried: Glowjam in Palms

The Verdict: “At first glance you might assume that these chunky glitter pastes would be messy and uncomfortable, but they’re neither of these things. The base dries down matte, leaving zero fall out under the eyes and will see you through three hours of dancing at House Of Yes. The formula, being so chunky, does require some practice to apply, though. My advice is to use a small, flat eyeshadow brush to layer the glitter onto your lids, allowing the paste to dry between coats for the most even finish. Once you’ve got the method down pat, you’re good to go.”

Lemonhead LA Glowjam Palms, $24, available at Lemonhead LA

Cat Quinn, Beauty Director

I Tried: Spacepaste in Mulholland

The Verdict: “Five makeup wipes, three lint roller sheets, and tweezers — that is what I needed to remove this glitter from my eyes (and forehead, and hair) after wearing it. The mess-free claim is true in that it didn’t transfer to my clothes or infiltrate my apartment like most glitters — but I was still finding flecks on my skin for hours.

“That said, even with a long removal process, it was 100 percent worth it for the compliments I received from my coworkers, my boss, my boyfriend, and the concession stand worker at AMC theater; all in all, the glitter was a unanimous hit. In fact, I don’t know why I was in such a rush to take it off at all.”

Lemonhead LA Spacepaste in Mulholland, $22, available at Lemonhead LA

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