Introducing Solids

Watching Leo eat solids has been such a joy! From her first bite ever to tasting sweet, sour and savory, her facial expressions, curiosity and enthusiasm are such a delight!

We decided to do purees instead of baby led weaning simply because our doctor said it’s less stressful on the parents when it comes to choking. Read: SIGN ME UP!

Our goal is to give her 30-40 different fruits and veggies before we introduce her to any grains such as oatmeal, rice cereal or quinoa since babies can’t digest complex carbohydrates. We’re now on number 12 and started with avocado, like a real California girl should!

I thoroughly mashed the avocado and combined it with a little bit breast milk so that it tasted and smelled familiar, then served it up on her little bunny spoon. She was a little unsure during her first few bites but seemed to enjoy it once she got over the initial shock. We waited three days before introducing her to the next fruit/veggie and followed that three-day rule for the first couple of weeks – now we try something new every two or so days. I keep a food journal for her noting what she’s tasted, any reactions, and below the journal is a list of ideas for what to try next.

To prepare what she eats I use the BÉABA Babycook Neo Baby Food Maker which I LOVE! It allows you to steam and blend in one machine and makes the process unbelievably easy. To start, I’m doing one fruit or veggie at a time combined with water, and soon we’re going to start adding in herbs, spices and combinations. Fun! And I store what I make in these glass jars by Sage Spoonfuls.

​Here’s what she’s had so far:

sweet potatoes
grapes (frozen)
kabocha squash

What is working for you and your baby?

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