How Emily Blunt Came To Have The Coolest Hair In Hollywood

There are some celebrities out there who are so low-key they don’t often get the recognition they deserve. Case in point: Emily Blunt.

We love the Mary Poppins Returns actress for many reasons — including the fact that she married our fave John Krasinski, stole the spotlight in his movie A Quiet Place (and got nominated for it), and has one of the most quotable lines in The Devil Wears Prada. But first and foremost, our adoration stems from the fact that she has the chillest hair in Hollywood.

If you ever need air-dry inspiration, please take a look at Blunt’s red-carpet appearances. Not only will you be inspired to ditch your blowout routine, but you’ll also feel the immediate need to chop your hair to your collarbone, adopt a British accent, and set out to find your own Jim Halpert.

But before we can do all that, we have to figure out the hair, right? So, we talked to Blunt’s hairstylist, Laini Reeves, who’s worked with the actress for nearly 12 years. The pro spills all her beauty secrets, ahead, but consider yourself warned: Everything is as chill and effortless as you expected.

The Original Beach Wave
“I like the hair to look natural, undone, and romantic. If I curl somebody’s hair, I want the curl to look like something that naturally happens to the hair — soft, brushed out, and organic. I’ve always done beachy hair. Ten years ago, I’d show up with my tools dismantled because I didn’t like curling hair with the [clamp]. Now, there are wands without the bar that I always use. I won’t use anything else.”

Emily’s Air-Dry Routine
“If I can, I’ll let her hair air-dry a little bit on its own before styling with any tools. All I do is wet her hair, comb it into a center part, put some product in, and tuck the hair behind the ears. While Jenn [Streicher] is doing her makeup, the hair dries just enough so we can loosen up a few pieces later to enhance the natural bend and texture.”

The Less Product The Better
“I don’t use tons of product in her hair. I only use what’s necessary. She doesn’t like a lot of product in her hair, either. I mostly use products formulated without alcohol, usually a cream because it has hold without the crunch. I really love Oribe’s hair creams because they soak into the hair quick and make everything shiny and silky. Shampoos are also really important with Emily’s hair. I prefer to use Olaplex’s No. 4 Shampoo and No. 5 Conditioner. I’m telling you, they’re amazing [for bleached hair].”

There’s Always A Plan
“We never wing it. We always have a plan for the direction we’re going to go with for a specific look. For example, for Mary Poppins press, Jenn, Jessica [Paster, Blunt’s stylist], and I decided that we never wanted Emily to walk out for the press tour looking like her on-screen character. We want her to be Emily, and for these red carpets in particular, we wanted her to be slick and cool.

“For the film’s premiere, she had this dress that looked like a princess — but really cutting-edge. I knew I wanted her hair to be up because of the large sleeves, and that it had to be imperfect and shaped or else [the look] would just be all hair. I decided to split her hair into two pieces and twist them into a really messy fishtail braid. Then, I loosened some pieces out and clipped it all together with a [hair] brooch. The entire thing was held together by that one clip.”

The One Style You’ll Never See Emily Wearing
“We absolutely discuss her hair color. I love the color now! She has a specific hair and makeup team who works with her on films, while Jenn and I work with her for press and red carpets, but we definitely collaborate on those changes.

“She was wearing a wig in Mary Poppins Returns, but we normally discuss it if her hair does change. I remember when she was in Edge of Tomorrow, I wanted to whack off her hair and bleach it, because she was supposed to be this space-y, futuristic warrior. She was like, ‘Hell no!’ She does know what she likes and will say it in a very, very nice way. She’ll never wear her hair that short, either. She’s not a short-hair girl. She’s a mid-length, cool chick, which works because we don’t like to do too much [styling] with it anyway.”

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