Hear Us Out On These Weird But Genius Gifts

If Thomas Edison were alive today, we’re confident the man would be an absolute gifting legend — shelling out brilliant gadgets we didn’t even know we were missing, like an epic inventor Santa. But, since he’s not here to drop any more literal and figurative lightbulbs on us, we’re currently in need of a more modern, genius holiday role model…Like the female-led company selling an endless collection of creative and cutting-edge inventions, The Grommet.

Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi started the online shopping destination back in 2008 with the intention of creating a, “place to discover and shop innovative new products from local makers and small businesses.” Essentially, The Grommet’s dedicated team spends, “thousands of hours searching for unique finds,” from a vetted list of modern-day inventors across the country so we don’t have to. Ahead we’ve rounded up 13 of these surprising shoppable finds, engineered to make life more colorful and convenient — from collapsible water bottles to meditation seats and smart lamps. It’s time to turn up ordinary gifting to legendary Edison levels.

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Invention: Peanut Butter Knife
Why It’s Legendary: Peanut butter lovers know this kitchen gadget is no joke — make scraping the bottom of the jar a thing of the past with a knife engineered to scrape every last bit of PB out on its extra-long, stainless-steel, and curved-tip blade.

PB-JIFE Peanut Butter Knife, $12.95, available at The Grommet

Invention: Driftwood Charging Dock
Why It’s Legendary: It’s no fake bookcase and secret room level ruse — but, this lovely found-driftwood decor piece does skillfully double as a charging dock for smartphones or tablets.

Docksmith 2 Phone Driftwood Charging Dock, $98, available at The Grommet

Invention: Collapsible Water Bottle
Why It’s Legendary: Staying hydrated on-the-go no longer needs to be a cumbersome nuisance, thanks to the convenient collapsible design of this silicone bottle — the flexible spiraled-groove design collapses down to half it’s size and boasts an air-tight seal and stainless steel rim.

que Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle, $19.95, available at The Grommet

Invention: Hexagonal Beer Pong
Why It’s Legendary: If you’re going to play beer pong, you may as well play it precisely with hexagon-shaped cups. This durable 22-set of dishwasher-safe and reusable cups are designed to fit together without shifting or toppling during play.

Hexcup Hexagonal Beer Pong Game, $15.26, available at The Grommet

Invention: Reusable Espresso Capsule
Why It’s Legendary: First there was the reusable coffee pod, and then came the reusable espresso pod — made from stain-less steel and four interchangeable filter tops for the perfect grind and little waste.

WayCap Steel Refillable Nespresso® Capsule, $39.95, available at The Grommet

Invention: Smart Salt Lamp
Why It’s Legendary: Unlike other versions of this calming home good, this Himalayan salt lamp boasts a high-tech bonus: an LED light that can be controlled wirelessly with a smartphone for a customizable self-care experience.

LIFE Home ZenCube Smart Himalayan Salt Lamp, $269.95, available at The Grommet

Invention: Heated Neck Massager
Why It’s Legendary: Portable, cordless, and heated, users can also control the speed, direction, and force of their massage from this Nordic design-inspired gadget.

Expain Heated Neck & Shoulder Massager, $120, available at The Grommet

Invention: Meditation Seat
Why It’s Legendary: Yogi fanatics to beginners can enjoy the user-friendly design of this specialty seat inspired by ancient yoga manuals — each meditation cushion is structured to improve practice and posture through built-in foundation points that allow natural posture and alignment in the body.

Alexia Ergonomic Meditation Seat – Vegan, $347, available at The Grommet

Invention: Female Urination Device
Why It’s Legendary: Hear us out on this one. This handy tool empowers women everywhere to pee standing up (where and when lawful) with this reusable silicone funnel. The adaptable, anti-spill design is ideal for camping trips (no more risky down-stream squatting!), festivals (no more hovering way too close to the seats of heinous porta potties!), and long road trips where bathrooms are scarce.

GOGIRL Reusable Female Urination Device, $12.95, available at The Grommet

Invention: Open Bowl Humidifier
Why It’s Legendary: A redesigned humidifier that puts an elegant and convenient twist on typical models — cool mist is emitted from a free-bobbing ultrasonic module in an open water bowl that is easy to disassemble and clean.

Miro CleanPot Humidifier, $139, available at The Grommet

Invention: Upside Down Planter
Why It’s Legendary: No floor space for an apartment garden? No problem. This unique, upside down planter is a stylish solution for hanging your orchids to ferns and even tomato plants from the ceiling with a safe soil lock-in and watering disc system.

BOSKKE Recycled Sky Planter, $24.95, available at The Grommet

Invention: Wine Chiller
Why It’s Legendary: Nix the ice bucket and upgrade to a high-tech sleeve designed to keep bottles chilled for hours on end with a double-walled, vacuum-insulated, and condensation-free stainless steel chamber.

Vinglacé Stainless Steel Wine Chiller, $89.95, available at The Grommet

Invention: Bluetooth Smart Button
Why It’s Legendary: Channel your international spy with a product programmed to perform wireless tasks with the push of a button — from playing music to phone location, turning on lights, and more.

Shortcut Labs Flic Bluetooth Smart Button, $29.71, available at The Grommet

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