Don’t Be Square: 16 Round Bags Ready For Summer

There’s a time for practical bags, and a time for, well, fun ones. You see, an incorrect handbag choice can leave you feeling just as out-of-whack as wearing the wrong pair of shoes (a situation we’re all too familiar with): it can have you fumbling and dropping all your things or worse, double-bagging with a shopping bag or tote that totally throws off your entire look.

But, there are enough days in the week to carry your work bag with everything in its place — what fun is carrying around a laptop? Now and then, you’ve got to lighten your load and live a little, and a round bag is the trend to use to tackle those lighter days. Keys, metro card, credit card, chapstick, done. That may be all a lot of these oddly-shaped purses can hold, but the style payoff makes it all worth it. Dip your toes into the leather, acrylic, and woven summer variations ahead for an overdue break from your usual carryall.

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