Digital Friday: Budget Beauty Youtube Roundup

Free Resources, Links, and Web-Based Deals for Budget ShoppingYouTube Beauty Gurus seem like they only talk about the most expensive, luxurious, and out-of-reach makeup. All of the brand new products, high profile collaborations, and epically expensive skincare routines can be discouraging for the budget beauty lovers out there. Let me assure you, though, that there is a huge discount- and budget-friendly beauty community on YouTube just waiting for you to get hooked on their cache of affordable makeup reviews.

This week, there were five excellent videos from even more excellent beauty content creators that will absolutely inspire you to hit the drugstore, or the sale aisle at your favorite makeup store!

This Week’s Top 5 Budget Beauty Videos from YouTube

ThaTaylaa: Using the Lowest Priced Makeup on Sephora

Who hasn’t been romanced by the allure of Sephora’s bargain bin? House favorite beauty guru, ThaTaylaa, snapped up a ton of the super-sale items on Sephora’s website and put them all to the test. Some of the products were only $5 and ended up working really well! This video is a great reminder to keep Sephora’s sale section bookmarked!

Jkissa: Drugstore Glam Makeup Look Tutorial

Every product that Jkissa uses in this tutorial is easily found at your local drugstore. Brands like e.l.f. and wet’n’wild helped to create an ultra-sunny, shiny, fresh makeup look, and you might already have some of the “ingredients!”

Julie Camille: Swatches of All 48 Covergirl Exhibitionist Lipstick Shades

R.I.P. Julie’s lips! This new release from Covergirl includes 48 new lipstick shades in three different finishes. Super-pro and hilarious beauty specialist, Julie Camille, put dozens of lipstick colors on her lips, and it definitely turned into a series of unfortunate events…

RawBeautyKristi: Review of Multiple Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Palettes

Juvia’s Place, if you’re unfamiliar, is an indie beauty brand that is slowly but surely becoming well-known for their intensely pigmented, long-wearing, and creatively-curated eyeshadow palettes. Best of all, Juvia’s Place palettes are on the affordable side at only around $20 for 9-pan palettes and $25 for 12-pan palettes! Here, one of my favorite (local!) beauty gals reviews multiple palettes from the brand and, spoiler alert: all of the rumors are true!

Kristen Leanne: Full Face of Used Makeup

Most people have at least a small cringe reaction at the idea of buying used makeup, but a newly blonde Kristen Leanne put the concept to the test. She tested out used makeup warehouse, Glambot, by buying a full face of partially used makeup and trying it on camera. Like us, was surprised to find that nearly every product looked brand new. She was even more surprised to find one of her own products for sale on the site!

What was your favorite budget beauty video this week?

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