A Week Of Wearing Summer Clothing For Fall

At this point, your browser is probably inundated with summer-to-fall transitional clothing stories (we’re guilty of it too!). Though I’ve experienced the changing of seasons for the past 24 years, every year I’m met with panic and surprise. Who is Fall Michelle? What styles do I want to try? Maybe I want to start wearing cashmere turtlenecks and dress like someone who calls fall ‘autumn’ instead?

This fall — I tried saying ‘autumn,’ it’s not for me — I’ve decided I want to be someone who doesn’t let the changing of the seasons change me, and not just because the seasonal closet switch-out is exhausting and stuffing my favorite summer clothes into a plastic bin in a dark storage space fills me with so much guilt. This year, I’m keeping my warm weather items on-hand and giving them the opportunity to feel the fresh crisp fall breeze. They worked so hard through months of humidity — they deserve this.

Ahead, I chose seven pieces of clothing that have been staples of my summer wardrobe and fall-proofed them. The week was an ode to the end of summer — my final goodbye to hot dogs on the beach and running around with only a scarf as a top. Click on to see how I took pieces like flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts to new pumpkin spice heights.

Monday: Flip-Flops

Flip-flops hurt the space between my big toe and other toes (it’s sensitive there!) so Tabi socks (Japanese socks traditionally worn to formal events with Getas) were a perfect fix. Socks and sandals work well for fall when your footwear doesn’t have to protect you from the elements just yet. Flops with socks 4ever.

Style Mafia Tepic Top, $112, available at Style Mafia; Fitflop Iqushion Floral Flip-flops, $32, available at Fitflop; Kaya Tabi Socks, $9.99, available at Amazon.

Photographed by Beth Sacca

Tuesday: The Hawaiian Shirt

I borrowed this Hawaiian shirt from my boyfriend and I’m pretty sure he won’t notice that it’s not in his closet until I send him the link to this article with me wearing it (Hi James!). I quadrupled up on the prints for this outfit and borrowed one of my favorite styling tricks from the fall/winter 2018 runway shows and wore a fluffy sweater as a scarf — it’s for leaning on when your neck gets sleepy.

Acne Studios Printed Long Sleeve Tee, $180, available at Shopbop; Le Superbe Hawaiian Shine Pencil Skirt, $355, available at Shopbop; Suzanne Rae Maryjane, $365, available at Suzanne Rae; Hysteria by Happy Socks Mia Ankle Socks, $10.80, available at Nordstrom; Pixie Market Green Cable Knit Sweater, $110, available at Pixie Market.

Photographed by Beth Sacca

Wednesday: The Crisp White Poplin Top

Finally, a white top that survived the hazardously saucy summer I had. This blouse is sheer, backless, and has ethereal sleeves that flutter with every move. To make it work for fall, my dream turtleneck. This is an outfit I’ll be repeating.

JoosTricot Multi-color Turtleneck, $665, available at JoosTricot; Cecilie Bahnsen top; Mr. Larkin pants.

Photographed by Beth Sacca

Thursday: The Scarf-As-A-Top

Ah, the scarf as a top! A precarious outfit that’s too good not to wear come summertime. I repurposed this scarf into a one-shoulder top that harmonizes with my skirt of choice. Now to test if this long-sleeve piece glows in the dark.

MISBHV Logo Active Top, $145, available at Shopbop; Rixo London Georgia Skirt, $282.95, available at Rixo London; Suzanne Rae Sling Back Mule, $110, available at Suzanne Rae.

Photographed by Beth Sacca

Friday: The Denim Mini Skirt

This dress screams summer with its eyelet fabric, but also yells fall because long-sleeves. It was only right that I layered my favorite summer denim skirt over it. The best part about wearing summer clothing not in the summer are the little flashbacks you get, like that time I wore this skirt while drinking my sixth slushee of the day.

Sandy Liang Rosemary Dress, $417, available at Garmentory; AGOLDE Criss Cross Mini Skirt, $158, available at AGOLDE; Suzanne Rae Sling Back Mule, $110, available at Suzanne Rae; Darner Powder Blue Mesh Socks, $38, available at Darner.

Photographed by Beth Sacca

Saturday: The Corset

Corsets made a comeback this summer. The rigid structure makes it the perfect layering piece (for winter too!). I took a tip from eight-year-old Michelle’s favorite wardrobe styling hack and threw a long-sleeved top underneath a larger tee. I topped it off with this floral corset and gave myself a pat on the back for tripling layers.

Frances de Lourdes Marlon Long Sleeve, $340, available at Frances de Lourdes; Miaou corset; Miu Miu Leather Ballerinas, $670, available at Miu Miu.

Photographed by Beth Sacca

Sunday: The Bathing Suit

I chose my absolute favorite bathing suit to keep around for fall because the fabric quality easily enables it to pass as a top. This may be the only season when two full sleeves aren’t necessary! This outfit made me reminisce about the one summer I attended gymnastics camp. Now here we are, ready to somersault into a pile of leaves.

Hunza G Kerry Swimsuit, $184.29, available at Hunza G; JoosTricot One-sleeve Top, $395, available at JoosTricot; Pixie Market Rene Leopard Midi Skirt, $90, available at Pixie Market.

Photographed by Beth Sacca

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