7 Tubing Mascaras That Seriously Lengthen Lashes (Without Smudging)

It’s a simple fact of life: Not all mascaras are created equal. Some provide amazing volume, others lengthen your lashes like a pro and some just end up smudged under your eyes by mid-day. Enter tubing mascara, the secret weapon of the mascara world. Most mascaras work by coating your lashes in pigment. Tubing mascara is different: It wraps your lashes in itty-bitty flexible polymers that will not budge throughout the day. And don’t worry, application is exactly the same as traditional mascara. Plus, removal is also a breeze: The tubes slide away with mere soap and water (yes, you can see them), so there’s no need for heavy-duty makeup removers that leave your skin dry and irritated. Ready to try tubing mascara for yourself? Keep reading for our faves.

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